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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted September 30, 2013 at 13:41:54 in reply to Comment 92788

While there's only 18,000 cars a day on Longwood, suspect that most are all arriving around the same time weekday mornings.

Longwood carries 1,200 vehicles per hour northbound in the morning and 1,000 vehicles per hour southbound in the evening and currently does so on four lanes. Those crunch volumes could also be accommodated on one lane in each direction with a left turn lane, especially since lane capacity induces demand and new protected bike lanes would eliminate some driving trips on Longwood.

We have the travel patterns we observe because we have built our transportation network to optimize for them. But as transport planner Jonas Eliasson demonstrates:

Travel patterns are much less stable than you think. Each day people make new decisions, and people change and the world changes around them, and each day, all of these decisions are sort of nudged ever so slightly away from rush hour car driving.

You can shut down an entire mountain access for several months and people will simply adjust. Aside from rush-hour backups at the bottom of James Mountain Road (and no "gridlock"), the closure of Beckett Drive has had only minimal impacts on up/down mountain traffic and no impact whatsoever on the Jolley Cut and Claremont accesses.

I keep saying it over and over: we get the city we design for, and there is nothing easier than to make excuses for why something that is proven to work everywhere else can't possibly work here.

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