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Live Broadcast of the kitestring "What Was I Thinking?!?" Contest

  • Date: Friday, October 30, 2009
  • Time: 12:00 Noon
  • Location: Online and at kitestring creative
  • Address: 136 James Street South (Google Maps)
  • Contact: Meg Coppolino
  • Email: meg@kitestring.ca

As featured on this evening’s Hamilton Life television program, and just in time to wrap up Ontario’s Small Business month with a spooky surprise, the kitestring “What Was I Thinking?!?” Contest is watching Hamiltonians vote in huge numbers for the scariest small business design or marketing muck-up. The variety of local small business contestants are depending on Hamilton to vote before Thursday October 29th at midnight for their chance to win up to $15,000 towards a kitestring brand makeover!

The BIG winner will be announced in a fun-filled, costumed live online broadcast from kitestring on at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, October 30th, where the winner will be revealed just in time for Halloween! Beginning Friday, you can go to our blog for a link to the broadcast at http://www.kitestring.ca/kitecast2/

kitestring is welcoming any who want to attend the live broadcast to be a part of this inspiring, grassroots milestone for the local small business community. There will most definitely be candy and costumes! kitestring is conveniently located at 136 James Street South in Hamilton.

The winner’s makeover story will then be fully documented on kitestring’s blog.

This whirlwind story could not have been made possible without the amazing on and offline support of the Hamilton small business community, the Small Business Enterprise Centre and all of the word of mouth that has spread the story on behalf of the contestants!


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