Delegation to Council on HSR Funding

Richard Gelder, Published February 24, 2017
Three things need to happen in order that public transit be properly funded: recommit to the Ten Year Transit Plan, funding and all; use the federal gas tax money the way it was intended; and end area rating so that public transit can be funded properly a
Special Report: Transit

Searching Hamilton Public Library for Dual-Language Books

Jonathan Lambert, Published February 24, 2017
Dual-language story books can contribute to introducing children to print literacy, bilingualism, and multilingualism, and serve as a bridge to literacy engagement, literacy achievement, and critical understanding.

Brandon Love: Brainsprouting and Beyond!

Mackenzie Kristjon Jenkyns, Published February 24, 2017
Brandon is a local magician and motivational speaker who apparently trained on some side of a mountain in Tibet where he was taught how to read minds and control space and time. He probably walks through walls when I'm not looking.

Proposal for York Boulevard Centre-Aligned Bike lanes

Martin Zarate, Published February 24, 2017
Some cities have implemented centre-aligned bike lanes. Here is how that might work on York between Hess and Dundurn.
Special Report: Cycling

Flamborough Chamber: Make LRT the Best it Can Be

Ryan McGreal, Published February 22, 2017
The executive director of the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce argues that if Hamilton is going to go ahead with its LRT plan, Council should do what it can to ensure the plan is successful.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

Some Uncomfortable Truths about Shameless Dishonesty

Ryan McGreal, Published February 22, 2017
People who tell lies will always be two or three steps ahead of people who are dedicated to the truth. This bodes ill for the future of our civilization.
Politics | 4 Comments

Bay Street LRT Station: An Active Transportation Hub

Dave Heidebrecht, Published February 21, 2017
Metrolinx would likely look favourably on a proposal to better integrate the LRT with cycling infrastructure that has been Metrolinx-funded.
Special Report: Light Rail

Interview with Steve Parton, Author of Cancer Trip

Mackenzie Kristjon Jenkyns, Published February 21, 2017
I had the opportunity to sit down with Steve Parton, owner of Avalon Music Academy, who will read from his hilarious book, Cancer Trip, about his misadventures with cancer.

Letter: King and Bay LRT Stop

Bob Berberick, Published February 20, 2017
This stop has the strong support of the local business community, would add less than one minute to the route travel time, and would attract new investment to the adjacent under-developed parking lots.
Special Report: Light Rail | 13 Comments

Stoney Creek Chamber: Reconsider Vote Against Bay LRT Station

Ryan McGreal, Published February 20, 2017
A letter from the executive director of the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce calls on Stoney Creek Councillors to support a Bay Street LRT station at Council.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

Letter: Help Make LRT the Best it Can Be

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published February 16, 2017
This development alone will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new property tax revenue for the City and bring economic vitality, jobs and new residents.
Special Report: Light Rail | 6 Comments

Letter: Support the LRT Station at Bay Street

Richard Gelder, Published February 16, 2017
We all support the aim of a system of rapid transit in the LRT plan, and there are compelling reasons to support the stop at Bay Street.
Special Report: Light Rail | 9 Comments

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