Cast: Art and Objects Made Using Humanity's Most Transformational Process

Margaret Lindsay Holton, Published August 18, 2017
The mission of this book is to re-establish an appreciation of the casting process, past and present, and they take the reader on a whirlwind tour of history and materials to do it.
Reviews | 1 Comment

Festival of Friends: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Ryan Barath, Published August 09, 2017
Overall, it was a huge success to have the Festival back in Gage Park, but a few issues represent opportunities for improvement next year.
Commentary | 3 Comments

Open Letter: LRT Privatization is Privatization

Eric Tuck, Published August 09, 2017
When you take what is currently a wholly owned and delivered not-for-profit public service and turn it into a profit-driven service delivered by private corporations, there's a name for that.
Opinion | 8 Comments

Seeing Hamilton Through Fresh Eyes

Michelle Martin, Published August 04, 2017
A newcomer to Hamilton makes an important observation about people with disabilities.

Ministry Approves Hamilton LRT Environmental Report

Ryan McGreal, Published August 03, 2017
With this approval as part of the Environmental Assessment process, the project can move forward to a request for proposals to build and operate the line.
Special Report: Light Rail | 12 Comments

Transportation Lessons for Hamilton from Ottawa

Jason Allen, Published August 01, 2017
A weekend in Ottawa as an urban mobility tourist provided lots of examples of a city doing public transportation right.
Special Report: Transit | 5 Comments

Welfare Diary 26 Years Later, Part 4: Through a Teenaged Lens Refocused

Karl Andrus, Published July 31, 2017
Looking back now, I wonder the type of person I might be if I was raised on the fast food and meals to go that a single working mother would be forced to feed me.
Special Report: A Welfare Diary | 2 Comments

Welfare Diary 26 Years Later, Part 3: Welfare Diary Revisited

Karl Andrus, Published July 31, 2017
This is the original text of A Welfare Diary Revisited, published on Saturday, December 21, 1991 in The Hamilton Spectator.
Special Report: A Welfare Diary

Welfare Diary 26 Years Later, Part 2: A Welfare Diary

Karl Andrus, Published July 31, 2017
This is the original text of A Welfare Diary, published on Saturday, June 15, 1991 in The Hamilton Spectator.
Special Report: A Welfare Diary

Welfare Diary 26 Years Later, Part 1: A Reflection

Karl Andrus, Published July 31, 2017
Karl Andrus reflects on the context in which his mother wrote A Welfare Diary and A Welfare Diary Revisited in 1991.
Special Report: A Welfare Diary

Hamilton's Core is Ground Zero for Change

Ryan Barath, Published July 31, 2017
This city is constantly evolving and with so many more opportunities for growth, the potential for local residents to find meaningful employment will continue to grow with it.

Anti-LRT Fearmongering Targets Overhead Wires

Chris Drew, Published July 31, 2017
Recently, an LRT opponent claimed that the overhead wires have been linked to cancer. That is simply not true.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

Hamilton Bike Share Launches Everybody Rides Initiative With New Bikes

Ryan McGreal, Published July 28, 2017
ERI funding adds 12 new bike hub stations across the the under-served east end of the bike share serviced area, plus 75 new bikes added to the existing 750 bike fleet.
Special Report: Cycling | 6 Comments

The Halifax Department of Silly Walks

Sean Marshall, Published July 28, 2017
Flags and high-visibility clothing are useful for temporary conditions and for traffic control personnel, but not for everyday conditions and everyday people.
Special Report: Walkable Streets

Can You Close Down City Hall?

Mark Robbins, Published July 27, 2017
Could we see authorities and responsibilities stripped away from municipal governments due to ineffectiveness? That's certainly possible, although it's difficult to make any predictions. But heck, let's speculate.
Commentary | 11 Comments

After the Flood: Uncertain Future for Global Climate Refugees

Paul Weinberg, Published July 24, 2017
Policy lags behind promises on environmental migration as climate change raises pressure for a global fix.
Special Report: Climate Change | 1 Comment

Dear Drivers of Hamilton

Frances Murray, Published July 24, 2017
Sometimes turning an argument upside-down helps to demonstrate how silly it is.
Commentary | 6 Comments

No Loitering: A Rapid Tour of the Mountain Brow

Mark Fenton, Published July 21, 2017
It's the uneasy space between cultivation and chaos that enables the most transcendental consideration of human culture in the cosmos.
Photo Essay | 2 Comments

Tell the Government to Ratify Bill 26

Doreen Nicoll, Published July 20, 2017
Add your voice to the parliamentary committee reviewing the Domestic and Sexual Violence Workplace Leave, Accommodation and Training Act to help improve it and save a woman's life.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

Beg Buttons Removed at Young and James

Kevin Love, Published July 20, 2017
The pedestrian 'beg buttons' have been removed from the intersection of James Street South and Young Street.
Eyes on the Street | 6 Comments

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