Vancouver's Extraordinary Transportation Statistics

Ryan McGreal, Published January 30, 2015
Vancouver's traffic outcome is the predictable result of a deliberate policy to change the context in which people make transportation choices.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 14 Comments

City Councillors: Think Like a Mayor

Frances Murray, Published January 30, 2015
I would hope every city councillor has at least an inkling of ambition to be mayor of the whole city. With that ambition in mind, now is the time to practice having a city-wide focus.
Commentary | 12 Comments

Unraveling the Question of Who Subsidizes Whom

Ryan McGreal, Published January 30, 2015
The opportunity for councillors like Whitehead, who persist in driving a wedge between the downtown and the suburbs, is to recognize that a thriving downtown serves the best interests of his constituents.
Downtown Bureau | 38 Comments

Merulla to Introduce Motion to End Area Rating for Transit

Ryan McGreal, Published January 28, 2015
Councillor Sam Merulla is challenging his Council colleagues to address a long-standing failure of amalgamation by ending area rating for transit.
Special Report: Transit | 14 Comments

Throw Council on the Bus

Ryan McGreal, Published January 28, 2015
A cheeky new campaign is collecting pledges to encourage Councillors to commute by transit for a week.
Special Report: Transit | 34 Comments

Protecting Pollinator Health in Ontario: Neonicotinoids and Bee Deaths

Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko, Published January 28, 2015
Ontarians have good reason to be concerned over the increasing number of bee deaths and the overall decrease in numbers of our native pollinators - deaths linked to the use of neonicotinoids (NNI), a relatively new class of systemic pesticides.
Commentary | 17 Comments

New Video: Downtown Hamilton, The Revival

RTH Staff, Published January 28, 2015
The City of Hamilton's Department of Planning and Economic Development has produced a sylish new video, the first in a series promoting the city's downtown revival by sharing the stories of its champions.
Downtown Bureau | 8 Comments

Mayor, Premier Out of Sync on Rapid Transit Funding Commitment

Ryan McGreal, Published January 27, 2015
I really want to believe the Province is acting in good faith on the LRT file. However, if they are just being prudent there seem to be less confusing ways to go about it.
Special Report: Light Rail | 28 Comments

Let's Go Dutch Part IV: Ontvlechting

Kevin Love, Published January 26, 2015
An important but problematic cycling connection in Hamilton could be fixed easily with wayfaring signage at each end and a curb cut.
Special Report: Cycling | 6 Comments

Mayor Fred's 'Ransom' Video: A Small Example of a Bigger Problem

Graham Crawford, Published January 26, 2015
It's time to raise the bar for our leaders since too many of them seem unwilling to raise the bar for themselves. We need to sweat the small stuff.
Special Report: Creative City | 33 Comments

Road Rage and Inclusive Streets

Michelle Martin, Published January 26, 2015
As a driver I would find traffic calming measures inconvenient. As a parent I say bring on the speed bumps, the bump-outs, the pedestrian-activated signals.
Belonging | 26 Comments

How Area Rating Transit Taxation Affects Decisions on Transit

James Arlen, Published January 26, 2015
If we take the stand that paying for a service gets you a vote and rebalance the votes to suit that notion, we come to a very interesting point of view.
Special Report: Bus Lane | 11 Comments

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