My Journey to Become a Daily Cyclist

Liz Enriquez, Published October 06, 2015
In the fall of 2014 I made a conscious decision to become a cyclist, and the wheels were set in motion. I wanted a stress-free, convenient and reliable way to get to work and cycling was the answer!
Special Report: Cycling | 5 Comments

Debating Councillor Whitehead on Aberdeen Road Diet

Ryan McGreal, Published October 06, 2015
Hamilton has an amazing opportunity to repurpose its excess lane capacity, built during our industrial heyday, to create a rich, safe, high-quality active transportation network.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 28 Comments

Walking to the Mailbox Will Not Replace the Need for Pharmacare

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 06, 2015
Conditions that used to be treated in hospital are now treated at home, thanks in part to drug therapy. But drug therapy only works if you can afford the drugs.
Healing Gaia | 2 Comments

Proposed Design for Bay Street Cycling Improvement

Jason Leach, Published October 05, 2015
City staff plan to submit an application to the Province for capital funding on a new cycling facility on Bay Street.
Special Report: Cycling | 14 Comments

Fighting Against Alberta's Child Support Clawbacks

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 02, 2015
It's outrageous to expect a beneficiary to repay a lump-sum debt on child support which should never have been clawed back in the first place.
Healing Gaia

Complete Streets Presentation for SPN Workshop

Ryan McGreal, Published October 02, 2015
Our streets are our collective property, our shared public resource. Ultimately, we can choose to do what we want with them.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 13 Comments

Review of Toronto: Transformations In A City And Its Region (Part 2)

Shawn Selway, Published September 29, 2015
Can we achieve additive, not subtractive, reurbanization, and retain the mass, variety, and cohesion of a 'real city'?

Hamilton's Balancing Act: Nature vs Industry

Paul Weinberg, Published September 29, 2015
The Niagara Escarpment is a steady visual reminder of Hamilton's struggle to reconcile its industrial development with its natural environment.
Special Report: Urban Forest | 7 Comments

Central Park: Open 24/7

Mark Fenton, Published September 28, 2015
I'd lived in Hamilton almost a decade before I discovered Central Park. Subsequently it would come upon me like an old friend with answers to questions I didn't know I'd asked.
Photo Essay | 2 Comments

Amnesty International's Global Day of Action to Decriminalize Abortion

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 28, 2015
Every woman and girl has the right to make decisions regarding her body, health, education, sexuality and reproductive life without fear of coercion, criminalization or discrimination by their religious organization, government, community, or family.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

Review of Toronto: Transformations In A City And Its Region (Part 1)

Shawn Selway, Published September 28, 2015
Edward Relph is a genial, open-hearted observer who takes pride in Toronto's transformation from the inward-looking second city of Canada to the polyglot world city that provides something for everybody.

Bicycle-Friendly Paris Refuses to Stand Still

Ryan McGreal, Published September 25, 2015
The alacrity with which Paris went from being utterly inhospitable for cycling into a place where it has become widespread should light a fire of urgency under Hamilton, a city with much less to lose from letting go of the status quo.
Special Report: Cycling | 31 Comments

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