Letting Go of Rust-Belt Thinking

Ryan McGreal, Published April 27, 2015
As downtown has undergone a revival, Council has lost its sense of urgency and now refuses to follow through on the revitalization initiatives it started in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
Events | 1 Comment

Hamilton, At a Crawl

Kevin Somers, Published April 27, 2015
Hamilton, home of Art Crawl and Super Crawl: say hello to Arch Crawl.
Entertainment and Sports | 1 Comment

Let's Go New York With Parking-Protected Bike Lanes

Kevin Love, Published April 24, 2015
Parking-protected bike lanes are a third-class compromise compared to best design practices, but they are a vast improvement over the dangerous door-zone bike lanes the City plans for Herkimer and Charlton.
Special Report: Cycling | 10 Comments

Another Failure of Our One-Way Street Network

Sean Burak, Published April 22, 2015
A problem at a single intersection should not make an entire three-block radius inaccessible.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 31 Comments

Mississauga-Brampton LRT Surges Past Hamilton to Funding Approval

Ryan McGreal, Published April 22, 2015
Province announces full capital funding for $1.6 billion, 23-km Hurontario-Main Light Rail Transit line.
Special Report: Light Rail | 100 Comments

West Hamilton Artists Tour

Laurie Skantzos, Published April 20, 2015
With the abundance of talent in our community, you might be surprised to discover some of that creativity happening right next door.
Arts and Music | 2 Comments

Get Dirty This Earth Day

Doreen Nicoll, Published April 20, 2015
Getting rid of your grass may seem insignificant, but the ripple of improved soil health, reduced water, air and noise pollution along with expanded genetic diversity will have far reaching effects.
Healing Gaia | 3 Comments

Hamilton, Hamilton

Kevin Somers, Published April 20, 2015
Submission to the City of Hamilton's Mayor's Poetry Challenge.
Arts and Music

Hamilton Not Doing That Badly on Air Quality

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published April 17, 2015
Hamilton can do more to improve local air quality, but the CBC Hamilton article claiming we are "lagging behind" is misleading.
Media | 11 Comments

The Greenbelt Brings Ontarians Together

Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko, Published April 15, 2015
From economic, recreational, complete communities and diverse rural areas, the Greenbelt can extend in governance how we develop and engage our local communities.
Commentary | 2 Comments

First Place: A Place of Firsts in Hamilton

Joachim Brouwer, Published April 15, 2015
The corner of King and Wellington has a history going back hundreds of years.
Feature | 7 Comments

Charity Begins at Home and Ends with Government Policy

Doreen Nicoll, Published April 13, 2015
Charity is no replacement for good policy. Canadians deserve a government that will invest to improve lives.
Healing Gaia | 5 Comments

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