RIP Eric McGuinness

Ryan McGreal, Published December 22, 2014
Eric McGuinness lived a life of quiet dignity on his own terms, right to the end.
People | 1 Comment

Need For Provincial LRT Investment is Both Plain and Obvious

Craig Burley, Published December 22, 2014
Failure to seize the opportunity for massive provincial capital investment in our transit infrastucture would be devastating for the city.
Special Report: Light Rail | 10 Comments

Parochial Politics and Modern City Building

John Thompson, Published December 22, 2014
It's time that some of our Councillors put their car-dominated thinking behind them, and realized that transit is more important to a modern city than cars.
Special Report: Bus Lane | 23 Comments

Review: A Very Leila Christmas

Ryan McGreal, Published December 21, 2014
Etamadi inhabits Leila's character with such dedication, fluency and infectious charm that the audience can't help but be smitten with her naive self-confidence and her stumbles over the bizarre gotchas of Western culture.
Reviews | 1 Comment

Lack of Vision Cripples Hamilton's Transit System

Sean Burak, Published December 19, 2014
With vision and leadership, our current council could be building legacies worthy of naming rights instead of focusing on potholes.
Special Report: Light Rail | 46 Comments

Waterdown Widening Another Example of Fiscal Double Standard

Ryan McGreal, Published December 19, 2014
I can't help but wonder whether the city's fiscal watchdogs and scolds will raise the alarm about spending over $20 million to widen a single street.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 24 Comments

Council Needs a Transit Vision

Jason Leach, Published December 19, 2014
My wish is for Council to come into 2015 ready to make decisions that will be talked and written about in 25 years as catalysts for tremendous growth and success.
Special Report: Bus Lane | 20 Comments

New Hope Community Bikes Looking for Support

RTH Staff, Published December 16, 2014
New Hope Community Bikes has launched a fundraiser to support their mission to provide affordable bikes and bike repair and safety education.
Special Report: Cycling | 3 Comments

A Newcomer's View of the Hamilton LRT Debate

John Thompson, Published December 16, 2014
It is to be hoped that a decision on Hamilton's LRT line will be made based on all of the facts, rather than emotion, half-truths, misunderstanding, and political expediency.
Special Report: Light Rail | 39 Comments

Response from MTO on Dangerous Hwy 403 Ramps - Updated

RTH Staff, Published December 16, 2014
The Transport Ministry is working with the City 'to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety at several interchanges along Highway 403.'
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 36 Comments

Mohawk Road East Residents Call for Safer Pedestrian Crossing

Ryan McGreal, Published December 16, 2014
63 residents have signed a petition for a safer pedestrian crosswalk at Mall Road and Mohawk Road East.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 20 Comments

People Getting Around in Winter: A Photo Essay

Jason Leach, Published December 12, 2014
Hamilton is known as a city of drivers, but we are - and could be - so much more. A healthy city lets its residents choose how to get around instead of forcing everyone to drive.
City Life | 59 Comments

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