Canada Must Act Now to Save Steel Industry

Paul Weinberg, Published February 05, 2016
A more proactive government would see the value of using all of the tools at its disposal, including loans and incentives, to nurture and preserve steelmaking in Canada.
Special Report | 1 Comment

Tell Council to Put More Transit in the Budget

Hamilton 4 Transit, Published February 05, 2016
It's budget season at City Hall and we need your help to let the community and councillors know that you support increased funding for transit.
Special Report: Transit | 9 Comments

Ferguson's Stereotyping Hurts Hamilton's Ability to Learn

Ryan McGreal, Published February 03, 2016
When a civic leader is so arrogant and prejudiced against another country that he flatly refuses to acknowledge that country's successes, our city as a whole inevitably ends up poorer for it.
Special Report: Transit | 82 Comments

Unintended Consequences of Mandatory Charging for Domestic Abuse

Doreen Nicoll, Published February 03, 2016
Domestic violence is not as straightforward as the statistics lead you to believe, especially when abusive men manipulate a variety of systems put in place to safeguard their victims.
Healing Gaia | 3 Comments

Easy Design for a Jolley Cut Cycle Track

Jason Leach, Published February 01, 2016
By making use of the informal trail east of St. Joseph's Drive, we can add a new cycle track that enables lots of rich connections without taking away driving lanes.
Special Report: Cycling | 34 Comments

Herkimer, Charlton West Bike Lanes: Background and Key Facts

Southwest Ad-hoc Bike Committee, Published January 29, 2016
This project has shown that ensuring more resident voices in the detailed design stage of cycling infrastructure planning leads to better results.
Special Report: Cycling | 12 Comments

City to Present Charlton, Herkimer Bike Lane Designs

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published January 27, 2016
Everyone is encouraged to attend the public information meeting this Thursday to learn more and to show your support.
Special Report: Cycling | 4 Comments

Porch Bikes Point the Way to a More Sustainable City

Jason Leach, Published January 27, 2016
Think of all the space we save on parking when we encourage more people to use a bike to get around.
Special Report: Cycling | 13 Comments

Ideas for Connecting Top of Claremont Cycle Track

Ryan McGreal, Published January 27, 2016
There should be multiple points of entry/exit to the Claremont cycling facility, especially given how badly the Claremont Access has fragmented the upper city neighbourhood where it originates.
Special Report: Cycling | 26 Comments

City, Conservation Authority at Cross-Purposes on Greenbelt Protection

Paul Weinberg, Published January 25, 2016
City Council wants to remove east mountain land from the Greenbelt, undermining the efforts of the Hamilton Conservation Authority to protect and enhance the natural environment.
Special Report | 18 Comments

Writer's Block

Kevin Somers, Published January 25, 2016
Writer's block is not a crock. It's not a myth, as some insist. It does exist. It grows and festers, like a cyst.
Entertainment and Sports

Even Walkable Streets Dedicate Most Space to Cars

Ryan McGreal, Published January 20, 2016
Even streets that are regarded as urban and walkable still allocate the lion's share of space for the exclusive use of cars, squeezing everything else to the margins.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 8 Comments

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