LRT: Let's Reduce Traffic

Ryan McGreal, Published September 18, 2018
Light Rail can carry up to four times as many commuters per lane as automobiles.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

After a Father's Death, Trying to Make Some Sense

Alex Bishop, Published September 18, 2018
My father was estranged from us because of his actions, but the government should make it easy for citizens to find their loved ones if they are accessing government services.

Municipal Election Candidate Nomination Forms - UPDATED

RTH Staff, Published September 17, 2018
As part of our Hamilton municipal election coverage, Raise the Hammer has published digital scans of every municipal candidate nomination form for election purposes.
Municipal Election 2018 | 2 Comments

13th Annual Greg's Ride in Support of Share the Road Cycling Coalition

Eleanor McMahon, Published September 14, 2018
Every year, Share the Road hosts Greg's Ride, a fundraiser to support its determined advocacy to change hearts, minds and laws in Ontario to protect and promote cycling.
Special Report: Cycling | 2 Comments

LRT: Let's Reduce Trauma

Kevin Love, Published September 14, 2018
The total cost of building the B-Line LRT is about equal to the financial cost of deaths, injuries and property damage caused by motor vehicle operators each and every year.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

LRT: Let's Reduce Taxes

Sean Hurley, Published September 13, 2018
Instead of focusing on the critical issues facing Hamilton, this election is mired in a debate that has already been decided many times before.
Special Report: Light Rail

$137 Million Spent or Committed to Hamilton LRT Project: Metrolinx

Ryan McGreal, Published September 12, 2018
Metrolinx has spent or committed $137 million on the Hamilton LRT, with $105 million spent and $45 million spent on property acquisitions.
Special Report: Light Rail | 10 Comments

Councillor Illegally Tweets Photos While Driving to Score Phony Point About Traffic

Ryan McGreal, Published September 12, 2018
In a misguided attempt to score a rhetorical point yesterday, Whitehead appears illegally taken and posted two photos of backed-up traffic on Queen Street South in violation of Ontario's Distracted Driving law.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 7 Comments

Murray and Som: Real Estate Income Trust 'Repositioning' vs. Fair and Affordable Housing

Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network, Published September 11, 2018
Vows of commitment to some vague proposal for new affordable housing ring very hollow while the mechanism described below is allowed to go on eliminating what remains of affordability for lower-income earners in the GTHA and across the province.

Council Demonstrated their Values in Emergency Road Funding

Ryan McGreal, Published September 10, 2018
Can you imagine if our civic leaders were as upset about people being maimed and killed on our streets as we are about people in cars being slightly inconvenienced?
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 4 Comments

What is Democracy? at TIFF

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 10, 2018
Instead of providing easy answers, What Is Democracy? reminds us that wrestling with ideas is central to the ongoing struggle to rule ourselves.
Healing Gaia

Aldershot Candidate Promotes Sustainable Community Development

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 06, 2018
Doreen Nicoll sat down with Burlington Ward 1 candidate Vince Fiorito to discuss his platform and vision for Aldershot and the city.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

People Keep Getting Crushed on Hamilton's Dangerous-By-Design Streets

Ryan McGreal, Published September 05, 2018
Year after year after year, we fail to act on the urgent, pressing need to make our streets safer.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 4 Comments

Phase Out Area Rating and Boost Transit Revenue

Ryan McGreal, Published August 28, 2018
Council has punted on transit area rating for 17 years. With an election this October, it's long past time to put this crutch to bed and start really investing in ridership growth.
Special Report: Transit | 9 Comments

Line Dufour: Re-Collection

Doreen Nicoll, Published August 24, 2018
Dufour's installation effectively incorporates acts of remembering, as it references historic and religious traditions and incorporates historical jacquard weaving practices, orchestrating them into one seamless narrative.

Anti-LRT Candidate Accidentally Emails Secret Plan

Ryan McGreal, Published August 24, 2018
It appears Ward 1 candidate Carol Lazich accidentally blind-copied the other candidates on an email detailing her plan to have anti-LRT material distributed through an intermediary.
Municipal Election 2018 | 5 Comments

Deranged Cycling Facilities on Repaved Scenic Drive

Ryan McGreal, Published August 20, 2018
Instead of creeping incrementally toward a local maximum, we need to seize these opportunities to do something truly inspiring and transformative.
Special Report: Cycling | 3 Comments

Making Your Municipal Vote Count

Nicole Smith, Published August 20, 2018
What will the effect on our quality of life in Hamilton over the years to come be if 66 percent of eligible voters don't vote in October?
Municipal Election 2018 | 4 Comments

Neil Young's Words More Relevant than Ever

Grant Ranalli, Published August 16, 2018
Young was writing about then-President Richard Nixon, but his words continue to resonate in our Trumpian world.

A Review of The Amateurs by Liz Harmer

Jonathan Lambert, Published August 15, 2018
Haunting, smart, brilliant. The Amateurs, in contrast to its title, is the astonishing work of a talented professional.

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