Active Transportation Roundup, October 2014 Edition

Ryan McGreal, Published October 30, 2014
It has been a beautiful autumn in Hamilton, but with cold weather approaching, the City is winding down its outdoor Public Works so this will probably be the last roundup until next spring.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 5 Comments

James and Young: Yet Another Broken-By-Design Crosswalk

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published October 30, 2014
Why bother spending the money to put this crosswalk in, only to make it minimally useful for pedestrians (while claiming that it is an improvement)?
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 13 Comments

A Preference is Not a Bias

Jeremy Wilkins, Published October 28, 2014
It is not journalistic bias for a journalist to have a considered preference. It is only journalistic bias to allow one's preference to distort one's presentation of the facts.
Commentary | 4 Comments

Why I Didn't Endorse in the 2014 Municipal Election, But May in the Future - Updated

Joey Coleman, Published October 28, 2014
Analysis is important, news judgment is important. We are all busy. I want to do more to help you stay informed.
Municipal Election 2014 | 1 Comment

November is Woman Abuse Awareness Month

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 28, 2014
Most men are not abusive, but we need to get all young boys and men involved if we're going to be successful in eliminating woman abuse.
Events | 6 Comments

Eisenberger Elected Mayor, All Incumbents Re-Elected

Ryan McGreal, Published October 28, 2014
Former mayor Fred Eisenberger will return to office this December after winning with 39.9 percent of the vote.
Municipal Election 2014 | 67 Comments

Every Single Vote Counts

Ryan McGreal, Published October 26, 2014
The outcome of this election will shape Hamilton's future for literally decades to come.
Municipal Election 2014 | 21 Comments

Proactive Role for Education in Reducing Poverty (Candidate Submission)

Sarah Warry-Poljanski, Published October 26, 2014
By providing our children and youth with a wholesome, well-rounded education, we can play a proactive role in ensuring they have the skills and abilities to get them further in life.
Municipal Election 2014 | 1 Comment

The Math of Taxes: Pricing and Cost of Services

Ted Mitchell, Published October 25, 2014
The way we pay for municipal services and roads is a bizarre system of hidden subsidies which encourage waste.
Ideas | 6 Comments

Trustees: The Invisible Part of a Municipal Election (Candidate Submission)

Christine Bingham, Published October 25, 2014
The Board of Trustees is an important governing body that everyone should watch carefully and know intimately, and not just every four years during the last few weeks of a campaign.
Municipal Election 2014

People Are Not Stupid: Calgary's Mayor on Making Extraordinary Change

Ryan McGreal, Published October 24, 2014
The core of Naheed Nenshi's political philosophy is that everyday people can do extraordinary things when they are respected and given the information they need to act.
Events | 17 Comments

Challenges to Citizen Advocacy for Healthy Communities

Ryan McGreal, Published October 24, 2014
Notes from a talk I gave at the 2014 Health Summit on Aging, Chronic Disease and Wellness, organized by the Conference Board of Canada.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 4 Comments

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