Easy to Turn Britannia and Cannon East into Bike Friendly Streets

Ryan McGreal, Published September 02, 2015
Britannia would make an excellent neighbourhood greenway, and Cannon should extend the cycle track east past Sherman.
Special Report: Cycling | 4 Comments

Options for Adding Cycling Infrastructure to Barton Village BIA

Kevin Love, Published September 02, 2015
The bit of low-hanging fruit that really jumps out is a fully protected bicycle route using the existing park/alley between Wentworth and Lottridge Streets.
Special Report: Cycling | 4 Comments

Toward Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Jonathan Lambert, Published September 02, 2015
The Declaration outlines best practices that nation-states ought to implement, enshrines the right of Indigenous peoples to be different, and affirms minimum standards for the survival, dignity, security and well-being of Indigenous people world-wide.

A New Urban Agenda with Bill Freeman

Ryan McGreal, Published September 01, 2015
With clear, no-nonsense prose and well-organized chapters, Bill Freeman's new book calls on the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area's civic leaders to be bold and ambitious.
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Canadians Need a National Housing Strategy

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 01, 2015
York University's Homeless Hub estimates an investment of $44 billion, or $2.04 per person per week, over the next decade would not only end homelessness in Canada, but make more affordable housing available to more Canadians.
Healing Gaia

Prelude to Election Day: Demonstrate for Democracy

Robert Yates, Published September 01, 2015
Let's not have the public discussion entirely dictated by politicians who want nothing from us but our vote on election day.

Motion to Waive Road Widening is Welcome But Should Not Be Necessary

Ryan McGreal, Published August 28, 2015
No urban commercial district can thrive next to a five-lane highway. The absolute minimum we can do is agree that our five-lane highway does not need to become a six-lane highway!
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 10 Comments

Easy Missed Opportunity to Improve Cycling on Bay South

Ryan McGreal, Published August 26, 2015
It would take only a very minimal change to move the bollards at the start of the bumpout so there is room for a person on a bike to ride behind them.
Special Report: Cycling | 24 Comments

This October, Vote for Food Security

Doreen Nicoll, Published August 26, 2015
Without a national food policy, the federal government cannot adequately address health, education, economic and environmental issues as they pertain to food insecurity, hunger, unhealthy diets, poverty, unsustainable food production, and climate change.
Healing Gaia

Why 'The Shove' Is Not Going Away Any Time Soon

Ryan McGreal, Published August 24, 2015
The fact that the Basse report has been allowed to stand as the official word on what happened is a major reason why The Shove hasn't gone away just yet.
Special Report: Integrity Commissioner | 36 Comments

Vote to End Misogyny in Canada

Doreen Nicoll, Published August 24, 2015
The International Women's Rights Project has created a voters guide on women's issues for the 2015 Federal election in Canada.
Healing Gaia

Music, Merch, and So Much More at HamiltonArtists.Ca

Shiona Mackenzie, Published August 21, 2015
Its fundamental purpose is to help artists and musicians by providing materials and methods to promote and market their work.
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