Native Women's Voices Silenced by Federal Government

Doreen Nicoll, Published May 21, 2015
It's not only time for an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women, it's also time for an enquiry into why services benefiting this marginalized segment of society are being cut.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

Federal Law Gives Council Power to Order Move of West Harbour CN Yard

Joey Coleman, Published May 20, 2015
The cost of relocating the Stuart Street CN yard is significant, the timeline is likely to be nearly a decade, and funding will require focused leadership at the local level.
Feature | 9 Comments

Power and Control: Sexual Assault Reflects Social Norms

Doreen Nicoll, Published May 20, 2015
Men who rape are not mentally ill or sexually depraved but rather ordinary men with a desire to exert power and control.
Healing Gaia | 9 Comments

Six Essential Steps to a Successful Retirement

Daniel Pelc, Published May 20, 2015
Your retirement dream should be personalized to your wants and needs, but there are certain key elements that should be adopted by everyone's retirement philosophy.

Intersection Pavement Markings on Cannon Cycle Track

Ryan McGreal, Published May 15, 2015
It is good that the City of Hamilton is finally adding markings on Cannon, but it would be nice to see us follow the lead of cities painting really high-visibility markings.
Special Report: Cycling | 5 Comments

Building the Network: The Pipeline Trail

Kevin Love, Published May 15, 2015
Right now, we have a chance to build a Pipeline Trail to the best of Dutch standards so that we can be confident that it will be used for generations to come. Let's do it!
Special Report: Cycling | 3 Comments

Building the Network: Cannon Street

Kevin Love, Published May 14, 2015
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and a protected cycle network is only good until it encounters an unprotected gap.
Special Report: Cycling | 7 Comments

Building the Network: James Street North GO Station

Kevin Love, Published May 13, 2015
The new James Street GO station is a major "A and B" origin/destination point. It needs to be connected to the protected bike lanes on Cannon Street.
Special Report: Cycling | 18 Comments

The Boob Tube: Three Generations Talk TV

Margaret Lindsay Holton, Published May 13, 2015
How many thoughts, really, are of our own making these days? And does it really matter anymore?
Media | 4 Comments

Building the Network: Herkimer and Charlton

Kevin Love, Published May 12, 2015
Protected bike lanes are essential if we are to have infrastructure that accommodates everyone.
Special Report: Cycling | 47 Comments

Why a Protected Cycling Network?

Kevin Love, Published May 11, 2015
Unprotected bike lanes discriminate against women and seniors and exclude 92 percent of the population.
Special Report: Cycling | 52 Comments

No Means No

Doreen Nicoll, Published May 11, 2015
Not all men are rapists. However, there is a pervasive culture of gendered violence that is acceptable among some men.
Healing Gaia | 21 Comments

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