Help Spend $1 Million on Safe Streets in Ward 2

Graeme Douglas, Published June 27, 2016
Voting for the PlanLocal Ward 2 Safe Streets initiative ends on Thursday June 30, 2016.
Participatory Budget | 5 Comments

West Harbour GO Schedule Change Will Hurt Ridership

Michael Borrelli, Published June 24, 2016
Service levels matter, and so long as GO Transit insists on running only two poorly-timed trains a day to/from the station on inconvenient schedules, we are bound to see more images of a barren station.
Commentary | 21 Comments

At Long Last, Installation of Charlton, Herkimer Bike Lanes

Ryan McGreal, Published June 24, 2016
Starting this Sunday night, staff will install parking-protected bike lanes on Herkimer and Charlton between James and Dundurn.
Special Report: Cycling | 7 Comments

A Legacy of Missed Opportunity: The Hamilton Rapid Transit Plans That Could Have Been

Karl Andrus, Published June 23, 2016
History shows that today's LRT opportunity for Hamilton could once again pass us by, as so many previous opportunities did. But with leadership, this once-in-a-generation opportunity need not be squandered again.
Special Report: Light Rail | 21 Comments

FoodShare: Bite-Sized Servings of Social Justice

Doreen Nicoll, Published June 23, 2016
FoodShare is a food hub that advocates for establishing sustainable, healthy, inclusive and resilient communities with equitable access to nutritious and culturally appropriate vegetables and fruits.
Healing Gaia

A Tour of Indwell's Rudy Hulst Commons

Graham Crawford, Published June 22, 2016
Affordable housing is a hot topic in Hamilton right now. Indwell's new project proves it can be built affordably and to a high standard.
Commentary | 6 Comments

Light Rail Transit Support Letters from Area MP, MPPs

RTH Staff, Published June 21, 2016
Letters from seven Hamilton-area MPs and MPPs from two different political parties call on Council to re-affirm its support for the LRT project currently underway.
Special Report: Light Rail | 11 Comments

Whitehead's Latest Anti-LRT Ploy Another Pointless Distraction

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published June 20, 2016
Seven years and scores of Council votes later, Councillor Whitehead has suddenly decided he is not convinced by staff arguments in favour of the King Street alignment.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

Three Questions for LRT Opponents

Michael Nabert, Published June 20, 2016
It's embarrassing that it seems the only way my city is going to see transit improve is when the province comes along offering to foot 100 percent of the bill, a sweetheart deal other cities envy.
Special Report: Light Rail | 65 Comments

Stills in Motion: Stadium

Dave Harrison, Published June 20, 2016
In light of another Tiger-Cat season, a view from the stands.
Stills in Motion

Small Things Can Make a Big Difference

Shiona Mackenzie, Published June 20, 2016
Heather Snowden and Loralee McGuirl are musicians who are helping transform their communities through participation in the arts.
Arts and Music

Support. Groups. Too.

Graham Crawford, Published June 17, 2016
Another 67 businesses and organizations have formally stated their support for Hamilton's LRT plan.
Special Report: Light Rail | 25 Comments

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