Victim Blaming By Police After Pedestrian Struck on Sidewalk

Ryan McGreal, Published November 25, 2015
The police can't fix what ails Hamilton's streets, but they can stop adding insult to injury - literally - by conceiving and describing collisions in language that blames the pedestrian for daring to get in the way of a car.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 15 Comments

Corporations Behaving Badly

Jim Sweetman, Published November 25, 2015
Maybe society would be better off if governments spent money directly on benefits to people rather than channelling the aid through corporate incentives and subsidies.

Colour My World Orange!

Doreen Nicoll, Published November 25, 2015
Today is the official launch of the United Nation's Orange the World Campaign to end violence against women.
Healing Gaia

Help Chart Beasley Neighbourhood's Future

Allison Chewter and Michael Borrelli, Published November 24, 2015
In anticipation of the five-year anniversary of the Beasley Neighbourhood Plan, the BNA is conducting a year-long consultation with residents and other community service agencies to determine priorities and action-items for the 2016-2021 Plan.
Special Report

How to Let Upper Wellington Become a Local Commercial Centre

Ryan McGreal, Published November 24, 2015
Modest changes initiated now could make a huge difference over the next decade.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 11 Comments

Preview: Borderline Me by Robin Zee

Mackenzie Kristjon Jenkyns, Published November 24, 2015
The version of this one-woman play being presented at the Spice Factory will be different from previous performances and definitely worth a second look.

Ferguson Coleman Shove Partial Surveillance Video Released

Ryan McGreal, Published November 23, 2015
The first 15 seconds of a video of Ancaster Councillor Lloyd Ferguson shoving Joey Coleman has been released.
Media | 21 Comments

Review: Spirit of the Narrows

Mackenzie Kristjon Jenkyns, Published November 23, 2015
In an age of American Idol and almost pre-fab music learning, it was refreshing to take a more in-depth look at another spirit of cultural learning and exploration.
Reviews | 1 Comment

Shift: Changing Direction in City Building with Dr. Pamela Blais

Ryan McGreal, Published November 23, 2015
Dr Pamela Blais explains how we need to align our pricing, planning and infrastructure policy to achieve our goal of sustainable, prosperous re-urbanization.
Events | 1 Comment

Affordable Housing Growing in Importance in Hamilton

Rob Fiedler, Published November 23, 2015
With a new government in Ottawa, might there be an opportunity for Hamilton to be ambitious and incorporate more of a grassroots, community-led component to upcoming planned redevelopments.
Special Report | 13 Comments

Decent Work Hard to Find in Non-Profit Sector

Doreen Nicoll, Published November 23, 2015
Non-profit agencies provide the critical services so vital to creating an equitable society. Because of the role they play, non-profit workers deserve special attention.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

Metrolinx 2015 GO Train Survey: Seeking Hamiltonians

Mark Rejhon, Published November 20, 2015
Metrolinx and GO Transit are looking for feedback, and Hamiltonians need to make sure our voices are heard.
Special Report: Transit | 11 Comments

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