Integrity Report on Councillor's Assault a Sad Day for Hamilton

Gail Berberick, Published February 26, 2015
Council voted to accept the report finding that Councillor Ferguson violated the Council Code of Conduct by assaulting a journalist, despite the fact that it recommended no reprecussions.
Commentary | 10 Comments

EA Shortage Shortchanges Students with Special Needs

Debra Hughes, Published February 26, 2015
Students with an identified need for an individualized education plan are missing out on the education they deserve due to a lack of Educational Assistant resources.

An Evening With Waterloo Regional Chair Ken Seiling on City Building and Transportation Investment

Ryan McGreal, Published February 25, 2015
Seiling will be in Hamilton to discuss how Waterloo Region is using LRT to help shape future growth more affordably and sustainably.
Events | 6 Comments

Political Activist Ken Stone Takes CSIS to Task for Alleged Harassment

Paul Weinberg, Published February 25, 2015
The retired school teacher is making a formal complaint against the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) after the sudden appearance of two agents at his Hamilton home two years ago.
Feature | 3 Comments

My Life as An, Um, Activist

Richard Gelder, Published February 25, 2015
I care about a healthy city from Dundas, where I live, right across to Stoney Creek and up and down the mountain. That apparently makes me an 'activist'.
Special Report: Transit | 19 Comments

Opposition to Safe Streets Holding Up a Better Hamilton

Lee Edward McIlmoyle, Published February 24, 2015
Why is it so onerous that residents of the Downtown want to feel safe on the streets where we live, work, go to school, shop and play?
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 38 Comments

Funding Watchdog Journalism and the 1% Internet Rule: My Plan to Become Sustainable and Grow

Joey Coleman, Published February 24, 2015
Watchdog journalism is a public good. Everyone benefits from it, and we need to work together to fund it for everyone's benefit to ensure we have a strong society.
Media | 4 Comments

Letter: Keep Mountain Secondary Open

Ryan McGreal, Published February 24, 2015
The School Board has high schools that provide specialized learning programs for students who do well in school, but nothing for students who will struggle once Mountain Secondary School is closed.
Special Report: Education

More Correspondence With Councillor Whitehead

Ryan McGreal, Published February 23, 2015
Councillor Terry Whitehead doubles down on his claim that downtown transit activists are trying to hijack the city's transportation plans.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 98 Comments

Concerns From a Ward 8 Constituent

Gord Stephan, Published February 23, 2015
A Ward 8 resident asserts that Ward 8 Councillor Terry Whitehead does not speak for him in accusing downtown advocates of wanting to "hijack" the Transportation Master Plan
Opinion | 29 Comments

Canada Learning Bonds Help Pay for Postsecondary Education

Doreen Nicoll, Published February 23, 2015
The Canada Learning Bond is available to families receiving the National Child Benefit Supplement with children born on or after January 1, 2004.

Let's Go Dutch Part V: Shopping by Bike

Kevin Love, Published February 20, 2015
It takes a grand total of 15 seconds to hitch up the trailer to my bike to be ready for shopping. What could be easier?
Special Report: Cycling | 34 Comments

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