RTH Offline for Scheduled Maintenance

RTH Staff, Published March 30, 2015
The website will be offline for scheduled server maintenance for 60-90 minutes tomorrow between midnight and 9:00 AM.
Site Notes | 2 Comments

Growth, Smart Growth, and Not-so-Smart Growth on James Street North

Herman Turkstra, Published March 30, 2015
Approval of the proposed condo tower on the Tivoli site will set a precedent which will significantly change the character and future development of James Street North.
Commentary | 23 Comments

Crossing at Wentworth and Cumberland Only an Interim Measure: Farr

Ryan McGreal, Published March 30, 2015
A safe crossing at the Rail Trail is still a long-term goal but that will take a long time to achieve, since Canadian Pacific Railway needs to be part of the process and that tends to take a long time.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 10 Comments

Community Supported Agriculture in Hamilton

Doreen Nicoll, Published March 30, 2015
CSAs are a partnership. Consumers support the local men and women who feed us every day by sharing the risks as well as celebrating the times of plenty.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

Beasley Neighbourhood Association's Official Position on Tivoli Condominiums

Allison Chewter, Published March 30, 2015
We encourage the redevelopment of vacant lots and surface parking, but any proposed tall buildings should be designed and massed to make a positive contribution to the public realm and fit harmoniously with the surrounding context and skyline.
Commentary | 45 Comments

Gimme Shelter: Broken Glass a Symptom of Bigger Problems

Simon Carroll, Published March 26, 2015
It may be one pane of glass, but it truly is a symptom of everything that is going wrong with transit in the City of Hamilton.
Special Report: Transit | 35 Comments

Charlton-Wentworth Traffic Calming Proposal a Cop-Out

Ryan McGreal, Published March 25, 2015
This back-handed recommendation is typical of a city that does everything it can to avoid inconveniencing people in cars for the sake of people not in cars, even when people are being killed.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 73 Comments

What I learned in Europe

Richard Gelder, Published March 25, 2015
My trip to Europe has increased my resolve to make a difference in the promotion of transit, bikes and busses right here at home.
Commentary | 33 Comments

Hamilton Bike Share Review

Kevin Love, Published March 24, 2015
The comfortable bikes and advanced electronics make it easy and convenient to use. Even although I have my own bicycle, I will continue to use SoBi so I can walk away from the bike worry-free.
Special Report: Cycling | 13 Comments

'Modified Standard' Sidewalk Curb Cuts Put Pedestrians at Risk

Steven Toth, Published March 23, 2015
Why replace a design that worked for decades with a design which puts pedestrians at risk, particularly the elderly and those with disabilities?
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 42 Comments

No Shortage of Denial About Global Warming

Don McLean, Published March 23, 2015
There's a pretty good case to be made that denial extends right through our consumer society, which dumps greenhouse gases into an atmosphere that is already obviously overloaded.
Special Report: Climate Change | 31 Comments

Hamilton Bike Share Officially Launches

Ryan McGreal, Published March 20, 2015
The new bike share network will have 750 bicycles at 110 hub stations across the city, spanning Dundas to Gage Park and the waterfront to Concession Street.
Special Report: Cycling | 73 Comments

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