Don't Miss Opportunity to Create Real, Lasting Value

Rob Fiedler, Published January 16, 2017
At best, this proposal destroys a set of rare pre-Confederation stone buildings to make way for something new. At worst, it risks creating another void space downtown in a strategically important street wall.
Special Report: Heritage | 1 Comment

Artist Frida Kahlo's Blood Bath Enshrined at Casa Azul

Margaret Lindsay Holton, Published January 16, 2017
Hailed by some as a feminist for her fearless autobiographical and brutal depictions of personal pain, there is no question that the rich European and Mezo-American cultures in which she lived and breathed shaped and informed her wider world vision.

Green, Whitehead Square Off on LRT on The Agenda

RTH Staff, Published January 13, 2017
Watch two Hamilton councillors debate the city's light rail transit plan.
Special Report: Light Rail | 4 Comments

Save 18-28 King Street East from Short-Sighted Thinking

Ryan McGreal, Published January 13, 2017
If we destroy what makes us distinct - particularly now, just as the rest of the world is discovering what we have created and sustained here - we will be sabotaging our own revival.
Special Report: Heritage

School Board Proposal to Close Hess School Draws Heated Opposition

Jason Allen, Published January 13, 2017
Over 100 participants overwhelmed the School Board's efforts to control the agenda of Wednesday's accommodation review meeting.
Special Report: Education | 1 Comment

Province Considering Alternatives to A-Line LRT Spur

Ryan McGreal, Published January 12, 2017
CBC Hamilton reports that the Province is considering possible alternatives to the A-Line LRT spur on James Street North.
Special Report: Light Rail | 43 Comments

Stills in Motion: Wind and Rust

Dave Harrison, Published January 12, 2017
A sailboat navigates the Bay with Hamilton's industrial waterfront in the background.
Stills in Motion

Restoring Gore Vibrancy Needs Proud Stewardship, Not More Demolitions

Ned Nolan, Published January 10, 2017
Neglect, speculation, and lack of vision: That is what is standing in the way of a prosperous streetscape on the Gore.
Special Report: Heritage | 1 Comment

Cadillac Bill Spoofs Downtown Abbey With Stuffed Rats

Mackenzie Kristjon Jenkyns, Published January 10, 2017
Only in Hamilton do we get this kind of loopy lunacy. Personally I cannot wait.
Arts and Music

I Resolve

Kevin Somers, Published January 03, 2017
A New Year's poem by Kevin Somers.
Entertainment and Sports

Christmas 2016 Wish List

Doreen Nicoll, Published December 24, 2016
onsider for one moment how differently things could have played out for Nuseiba Hasan and Elana Fric-Shamji, and her three children, if just one person had spoken up in time.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

Snow Clearing Good Enough for the Likes of You

Kevin Love, Published December 24, 2016
A nice big wall of snow was left blocking the bike lane on Herkimer four days after the last snowfall.
Eyes on the Street | 4 Comments

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