Yes, Brampton is Still a Cautionary Tale

Ryan McGreal, Published August 24, 2016
The city that turned down Provincial LRT funding has delayed any possible rapid transit by several years - and still has no guarantee of funding.
Special Report: Light Rail

Two-Way Main Street Necessary for Downtown Vibrancy

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published August 24, 2016
Even if it's not necessary to mitigate traffic congestion, converting Main Street to two-way will provide other tangible benefits that will increase the overall success of the LRT investment.
Special Report: Light Rail | 8 Comments

Waterfront Trail Sunset Photo Tour

Jason Leach, Published August 24, 2016
It doesn't get much nicer than dinner on the waterfront, followed by a bike ride along the Waterfront Trail between Hamilton and Burlington.
Photo Essay | 3 Comments

Stills in Motion: In the Vinelands

Dave Harrison, Published August 24, 2016
A stark view of Beamsville.
Stills in Motion | 1 Comment

Hamilton Lucked Out With Bike-Share

Ryan McGreal, Published August 23, 2016
If just one little thing had happened differently with the request for proposals for a Hamilton bike-share, it might have been a disaster.
Special Report: Cycling | 17 Comments

Cappucino Planning and the Face of Public Space

Maureen Wilson, Published August 18, 2016
We need to ensure that our public spaces are conducive and welcoming to the greatest number of citizens from across the demographic and economic spectrum.
Commentary | 8 Comments

Getting to Turnover in Renaissance City, Part 3

Shawn Selway, Published August 17, 2016
Tn the case of securitized cash flow from Hamilton high-rises, the combination of market forces and regulations seems to work against the upkeep of buildings.

Getting to Turnover in Renaissance City, Part 2

Shawn Selway, Published August 16, 2016
Round two at the Landloard and Tenant Board unfolded much as the morning session had, except that everything was a touch sharper, a little more intense.

Stills in Motion: Golden Harvest

Dave Harrison, Published August 16, 2016
A harvester at work in rural Flamborough.
Stills in Motion

The Little Engine that Must

Ryan McGreal, Published August 15, 2016
It is precisely the transformative potential of LRT to change how this city grows and develops over the next 50 years that has the staunchest guardians of the status quo running scared.
Special Report: Light Rail | 9 Comments

Getting to Turnover in Renaissance City, Part 1

Shawn Selway, Published August 15, 2016
Multi-residential ownership in the metropolitan south can be a hedge against losses consequent on the ebb of work from the northern resource centres.

Summer Destinations I Have Explored Without Leaving Hamilton (Some of Them With a Companion Named Édouard)

Mark Fenton, Published August 15, 2016
Our companions can encourage us to view the familiar through fresh eyes.
Photo Essay | 1 Comment

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