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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted July 07, 2014 at 22:28:06 in reply to Comment 103058

A person on a bicycle is a negligible safety risk? Really?

I'm sorry about your younger brother's injury. We must remember, however, that there's a vast difference in scale and intensity between getting bloodied - I've gotten bloody in falls while walking - and the total pulverization of a concrete, metal and glass structure. The sheer physics are inarguable: due to its mass and speed, a person in an automobile has several orders of magnitude more destructive capacity than a person on a bicycle.

I didn't say a person on a cyclist produces zero safety risk, but compared to what a person in a car is capable of, it amounts to a rounding error.

please stop making these discussions so one sided.

There is a one-sided position in these discussions, and it's the position that streets should continue to cater overwhelmingly to people in cars at the expense of people walking, cycling using transit and doing the various other things that people do on streets if allowed to do so.

Calling for a better balance of uses on public streets is the opposite of one-sided.

I live on Main Street. I sit on my porch regularly and you know what I see? Normal traffic, not a highway

I don't know where you live on Main Street, but that is absolutely not my experience - unless we have dramatically different conceptions of what constitutes "normal" traffic. To my perspective, five lanes of cars and trucks all bearing down in the same direction at 50-70 km/h in a big cluster does not seem normal. It seems rather terrifying - especially if I'm crossing Main Street with a young child in my charge, as I did for many years.

we aren't school children where everyone stays behind because one clown misbehaves

You seem to think that redesigning a street to be safer and more inclusive for all users amounts to punishing drivers. That implies a false dichotomy between people driving and people doing other things. Most people walking and cycling are also drivers, and most drivers would also like to walk and cycle more if it was safe, convenient and pleasant to do so.

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