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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted March 21, 2018 at 05:54:37 in reply to Comment 122655

This doesn't sound like high-rise towers should be the default design downtown, or that we should automatically say yes to very tall high rises, which is what the articles about the Television City building seem to imply.

I have never argued that we should automatically say yes to very tall high rises. I do think we should say yes to tall buildings if we don't have a good reason to say no.

I support this specific proposal because seems to me to be well-designed and a good fit: it makes much more productive use of a site that currently houses an ugly spaceship and a parking lot; it preserves and adaptively reuses a heritage-designated 1850 mansion; it adds 618 new residences to the downtown core in a variety of unit sizes from studios to three-bedrooms and a variety of prices started in the $220,000s; it adds retail and restaurant space to a corner (Hunter and Caroline) that is currently blank wall or fenced parking lot; and it is a set of two towers surrounded by other towers - including a new 32-storey building at George and Caroline.

The arguments against a 40-storey building apply equally to a 30-storey building - at that height an extra ten storeys doesn't make a difference to the subjective experience on the street. As long as these buildings are designed well at street level, the height doesn't much matter.

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