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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted April 09, 2008 at 15:23:30

MediaWatch, Staffer,

If you think pork processing is benign - environmentally or economically - I implore you to do some research. Pork consumes vast resources in land and energy and produces tremendous volumes of toxic waste.

There's a reason the Glanbrook zoning regulations prohibited meat processing and the downwind residents fought against it: it's filthy, smelly and dangerous.

While Maple Leaf was picking up its toys and stomping home, it came out that it had just received nearly a million dollars in fines for environmental violations including bad smells, waste, and groundwater contamination at its Rothsay Rendering subsidiary. These are the responsible corporate 'citizens' Hamilton wants to attract for the 21st century? Really?

In any case, the industry is moving out west where population density is lower, governments are more accommodating to the pollution and logistical systems extend into the western US.

A company named Olymel closed its Quebec plant and moved to Manitoba, where it receieved $30 million in provincial and municipal incentives to locate 1,100 there.

That works out to a public expenditure of $27,000 per job. So much for the free market, eh?

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