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By Anonymous (anonymous) | Posted November 26, 2008 at 14:27:43

Some of these points are great, while others are guaranteed to cause decay. I don't say that with passion, but with observation.

4. While we love to hold onto this concept, I am afraid it is an outdated one. The reasons why downtown has decayed over time are complicated and myriad, but I believe our lower city suffers because we have separated it as such. True, downtown holds its own life and distinct properties, but all the negative properties of downtown are distinctly associated with it because we have failed to do anything but call it "downtown" in idea and mind. To bring new life to downtown we must treat it as we treat the other prosperous Hamilton neighbourhoods -- with a new attitude. This old attitude of "being the heart" is a reasoning for its decay. Downtown must stand its own feet, so to speak, as the rest of the city does.

6. Strongly agree.

16. Involving a mandated living wage would cause more harm than good. Businesses are to carry the highest tax load, so that individuals can afford to live with lower property taxes and higher quality of life. Mandatory regulations of wages in Hamilton would cause a double-take on any business that were considering Hamilton as a destination. It could also cause eventual job loss and incur even more damage as those who are effected could end up accepting social services which creates even more burden on the city.

Most other points are A+ material.

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