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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted September 16, 2009 at 20:42:40

frank wrote:

I'm not sure I have the knowledge then. I stopped programming a looong time ago lol.

An essential part of making it work is using and testing it so you can discover what works, what's painful, and what's missing that would be nice to have.

jason wrote:

What the heck is that? And what are we supposed to do with it?

I just created a blank repository for the source code behind this. There's nothing there yet.

And how, if at all, is that going to help us organize more than ripping through wings at the Plucker??

See my comment before this one for an overview of what the tool might be able to accomplish.

beaslyfireworkstechnician wrote:

The intent of tomorrow's event is about drinking beer, disagreeing and hearing each other's thoughts/ideas. That's what citizenship is about.

Damn straight. This is by no means an attempt to replace or co-opt the meetup you've planned. If anything, I hope this will make it easier to plan more such events in the future.

scorby wrote:

I don't even live in Hamilton yet (moving in exactly 1 month) but have had my eyes wide open for a platform of this type.

Fantastic! See my comment above for one take on what this might look like. I hope we can create something that makes it easier for concerned citizens to turn knowledge -> outrage -> organization -> action.

Tammany wrote:

It's about one agenda trying to trump the other. That other agenda is starting to get a voice, but it needs legs too.

My experience organizing with Hamilton Light Rail - - is that a small group of dedicated people with a focused agenda and a strong argument can transform the public framework by introducing and explaining a new initiative and building widespread public support.

There are two sources of power: 1) money and institutional connections; and 2) broad-based community organizing.

The only way to establish 2) is to organize, build relationships, reach out to neighbourhood associations, community councils, social/interest clubs and business groups, and make a strong, evidence-based case for your initiative that answers the challenges thrown at it and generates enough public interest and enthusiasm that the mainstream media have to cover it and politicians have to acknowledge it.

Do a good enough job promoting the initiative, and you reduce the political risk of getting behind it while raising the political risk of not getting behind it. :)

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