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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted June 22, 2011 at 10:58:44

DR 3 3 100%

I'm back and I've got some updated photos of my TracyToob crisis proof garden to share. But first, I want to stay on topic with this discussion, if that's even possible nearly six years since IT began here. Allow me to begin again with something Ryan wrote way back then:

So far, rising oil prices haven't brought on a recession in North America, but there are plenty of reasons to suspect that growth here must stall sooner or later:

IT is now six years later and we've been in a recession for the better part of three of those years. Ryan moves on and shifts gears:

Seventy percent of the oil consumed in North America is used for transportation... The other thirty percent goes into plastics, asphalt, and other miscellaneous uses.

Other miscellaneous uses? I can muse miscellaneous and still stay on track while riding down the curve and then back? Great! So, how can cities survive Peak Oil without the use of or the restricted use of: miscellaneous forms of artificial growth-forcing petro-chemical fertilizers and other assorted ag-conditioners to supply the nutritional needs of their near-famished taxpayers?

Mainstream commercial agriculture is not sustainable without petro-chemicals, period! Additionally, as goes the price of oil, so goes the cost of fertilizer that grows food this way. Fuel and fertilizer costs are forcing farmer's into ruinous loss.

What is gonna save the day? We all gotta eat you know. Who will tow the plow and who'll sow the row? EH!

We will so don't worry about IT now. I am working out all the details this season, alone I guess. No one wants to help me get us outta this mess. Too bashful perhaps?

Nevertheless, here are the images I promised at last..


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