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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted August 05, 2011 at 11:40:15 in reply to Comment 67463

You're right. The million dollar condos in Yorkville are populated by poor working class residents who have been denied their God-given right to a single family house in the suburbs because greedy latte-sipping urbanists wouldn't let them have the Spadina Expressway.

Seriously, listen to yourself. Just what are you so afraid of? Not everyone wants to live in a suburban house their entire life; and not everyone who wants to live in a house at a given point wants to live in a horizontal, single-family house set back on a big lot.

At various times I've lived in a single family house, a townhouse, an apartment building, an apartment in a converted house, an apartment above a shop, an apartment in a four-plex, and a semi-detached Edwardian. I've commuted to work by car, by transit, by bicycle and on foot.

Why can't a city provide opportunities for its residents (and prospective residents) to enjoy a variety of living arrangements and a variety of transportation arrangements?

Cities that do this, and do it well, tend to thrive over time. Cities that commit to a monoculture of low-density, high-cost land use tend to stagnate and decline over time - no matter what other countervailing local factors may be in play.

You seem to consider it a personal attack on your way of life that some people actually want to live in a city and would like to live in Hamilton if only we could offer a real choice among a variety of living, commuting and working arrangements.

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