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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted August 19, 2011 at 08:29:10

I should probably write "Nice article, thanks" or use words like interesting, fascinating or informative in an all encompassing one-liner in the hopes I'll glean an up-voted comment. But I know that will never happen here because I actually think about what I've read before adding to a thread.

Hamilton used to be built of strong, solid stone back in the daze when men were men and women couldn't vote yet. A far cry from today's bland steel, Styrofoam and stucco architectural sleaze, mirroring excessive reflective glass where conventional eyes are blindly pleased.

Modern tradesmen haven't any artful skills they can brag about anymore; They've got their cordless drills and bags of screws strewn all over the floor. Stone masons, woodworkers and genuine craftsmen are things of the past which ensures anything built today certainly won't last. We won't be celebrating today's constructions once 100 years have passed because they'll have crumbled to the ground long before that.

There is no denying Mr. Middleton has done his research for this thesis nor his geological and historical piece is anything short of genius. But I am not leaving a comment just to butter-up the platitude bread, because I'm not just milling about grinding the grist of what others have said. Hamilton in Stone is an incredibly mineralized saga and I cannot wait for the second part, so this is my marginalized Rah Rah!

Thanks for sharing Gerard.

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