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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted February 08, 2012 at 09:51:28 in reply to Comment 73952

This is the real problem. It's easy to blame the public for not being more involved, but opportunities for involvement are severely curtailed as a matter of course, and until a decision (usually a bad one) is made, there is little to do other than go to meetings and provide feedback.

Consider what HWDSB Trustee Judith Bishop wrote:

There were community consultations and the Board heard clearly that staying in the downtown core was seen as important.

What was important to the Board, on the other hand, was a site with more than one parking spot for each employee, and that institutional priority prevailed over what the community wanted.

The problem is not that citizens are not trying to be engaged. The problem is that our institutional leaders summarily ignore citizen engagement when making their decisions, and can only be persuaded to change their minds in the face of a large public outcry they cannot ignore.

It's similarly unfair to those people now engaging in heroic last-ditch efforts to forestall a bad decision made behind closed doors (and based on site considerations that have still not been made public) to suggest that they left things too late or they're doing it wrong.

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