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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted April 05, 2012 at 06:51:19 in reply to Comment 75721

are we talking about the same roadway?

My apologies - reading comprehension fail. I thought you meant the main trunk of King Street, which is four lanes wide and an excellent candidate for two-way traffic.

The south leg should be a pedestrian plaza as the Gore plan recommends.

As for Hughson, it's wide enough for one lane in each direction - and there's no curbside parking now, so it wouldn't be missed in a two-way conversion.

It's not a thoroughfare and any automobile traffic on it should be slow. If a delivery truck is parked on the side, cars will have to slow down and go around it, just like they would on any side street.

Seriously, your anti-car bend is getting tired.

I'm not anti-car, I'm pro-balance. I believe our road network should balance the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and drivers. Right now it overwhelmingly caters to drivers - and downtown, it caters even more narrowly to drivers passing through the downtown.

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