Innovation Will Not Solve Climate Change

John Loukidelis, Published January 14, 2019
Thanks to incentives protecting the status quo, market "innovation", far from helping us with climate change, has made it worse.
Special Report: Climate Change

Livable Lanes: Laneway Housing in Hamilton

Emma Cubitt, Published January 10, 2019
Laneway housing in Hamilton will create more housing options for people that are drawn to our city's older neighbourhoods. It allows new housing to incrementally utilize existing urban infrastructure.
Special Report | 1 Comment

Burlington's Municipal Election Was Not a NIMBY Revolution

Roland Tanner, Published January 09, 2019
High-density cities built without resident input and careful engagement, and which overwhelm already successful urban environments with buildings residents hate, will repeat the mistakes of urban planners from the urban renewal era.
Opinion | 2 Comments

Book Review: The Fruitful City by Helena Moncrieff

Jason Allen, Published January 09, 2019
Central to this lively book is the notion that we are literally surrounded by fruit in our cities, and yet nobody has any idea what to do with it.

2019 Wish List: Reinstate the Basic Income Pilot

Doreen Nicoll, Published December 31, 2018
With precarious employment the norm these days, social safety nets like BI provide the financial stability parents need to plan for the future and to raise their children out of poverty.
Healing Gaia

City Must Restore Bicycle Lanes to Locke Street Reconstruction Plan

Kevin Love, Published December 27, 2018
Since this $4.4 million project is a 'once-in-a-generation' complete rebuild, right now is the time to make sure that Locke Street becomes a destination that people can easily and safely get to.
Special Report: Cycling

New Unprotected Bike Lanes on Gage North of Dunsmure

Kevin Love, Published December 13, 2018
There is a very serious safety issue with the bicycle lane being obstructed by the door zone of adjacent parked cars.
Special Report: Cycling | 6 Comments

Running in Hamilton: About the Media and Moving Forward

Cameron Kroetsch, Published November 22, 2018
Let's continue to find reasons to build solidarity with one another and to stay informed.
Municipal Election 2018 | 1 Comment

Running in Hamilton: About the City of Hamilton and Election Day

Cameron Kroetsch, Published November 19, 2018
We can aspire to the very minimum that the law requires and we can feel that we're meeting our legal obligations, but that's not the Hamilton I know and love.
Municipal Election 2018 | 1 Comment

Running in Hamilton: About the Money

Cameron Kroetsch, Published November 16, 2018
If you're elected, you'll be responsible for co-managing billions of public dollars. Use your campaign as an opportunity to build a solid understanding and learn what it means to work with a budget.
Municipal Election 2018

Partridge has Blocked at least 32 People on Twitter

Ryan McGreal, Published November 16, 2018
The Waterdown Councillor told the Hamilton Spectator she has only blocked 'around ten' people.

Reflections From a Roller-Coaster

Laura Farr, Published November 16, 2018
If we are serious about wanting to increase voter turnout, all of our our elected representatives need to be there for all of their constituents during the four years between elections.
Municipal Election 2018

Running in Hamilton: About Our Campaign in Ward 2

Cameron Kroetsch, Published November 14, 2018
I want to see thoughtful, progressive, qualified candidates, especially those from communities who don't see themselves represented today, to use this as a blueprint to start making big plans.
Municipal Election 2018 | 2 Comments

Ending Transit Area Rating Not a Panacea

Jason Allen, Published November 09, 2018
Eliminating area rating has a role to play in in increasing funding for transit in Hamilton, but it is by no means the only solution to expanding transit to the suburbs.
Special Report: Transit | 5 Comments

Cycling Committee Calls on Council to Make Queen and Herkimer Safer

Kevin Love, Published November 09, 2018
The Hamilton Cycling Committee just unanimously approved a resolution advising City Council to take immediate action to make the intersection of Queen Street South and Herkimer Street safer.
Special Report: Cycling | 3 Comments

Mary's Wedding Opens Tonight

Kevin Somers, Published November 08, 2018
From a sublime script and courageous performances, to a reclaimed church in a beautiful neighbourhood, Mary's Wedding is destined to be a great trip.
Entertainment and Sports

November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario

Doreen Nicoll, Published November 06, 2018
Shine a purple light on gendered violence to make it impossible to hide.
Healing Gaia

Protect Groundwater from New Bottled Water Permits

Doreen Nicoll, Published November 02, 2018
Water is a basic human right but, with a new provincial government that believes Ontario is open for business, access to water for the common person just became that much more precarious.
Healing Gaia | 2 Comments

Anchor Institutions: 'Full Speed Ahead on Hamilton LRT'

Ryan McGreal, Published November 02, 2018
The letter calls on the City and Province to continue implementing the BLAST transit network, to complete the process to select a bidder that will build and operate the system, and to prioritize approval of the operating agreement.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

How Right-Wing Radicals are Gaslighting Liberal Democracy

Ryan McGreal, Published October 31, 2018
We have the power to save ourselves, but only if we wake up and notice that the house is on fire before we are consumed by it.
Politics | 6 Comments

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