Deranged Cycling Facilities on Repaved Scenic Drive

Ryan McGreal, Published August 20, 2018
Instead of creeping incrementally toward a local maximum, we need to seize these opportunities to do something truly inspiring and transformative.
Special Report: Cycling | 3 Comments

Making Your Municipal Vote Count

Nicole Smith, Published August 20, 2018
What will the effect on our quality of life in Hamilton over the years to come be if 66 percent of eligible voters don't vote in October?
Municipal Election 2018 | 2 Comments

Neil Young's Words More Relevant than Ever

Grant Ranalli, Published August 16, 2018
Young was writing about then-President Richard Nixon, but his words continue to resonate in our Trumpian world.

A Review of The Amateurs by Liz Harmer

Jonathan Lambert, Published August 15, 2018
Haunting, smart, brilliant. The Amateurs, in contrast to its title, is the astonishing work of a talented professional.

Guelph Says No to Canadian Climate Hypocrisy

Doreen Nicoll, Published August 14, 2018
The Canadian Government has no business buying an aging oil pipeline from Kinder Morgan.
Healing Gaia

The Essential Unseriousness of Conservative Politics Today

Ryan McGreal, Published August 10, 2018
Conservatives present their own policies as better solutions, then reject both the solutions and even the existence of the problems after the centre-left agree to compromise and try to adopt them.
Politics | 2 Comments

Missed Opportunity to Improve Hunter Bike Lanes

Ryan McGreal, Published August 10, 2018
After repaving Hunter Street between James and Bay, the City repainted the lanes exactly the same as they were before instead of making room to physically protect the bike lanes.
Special Report: Cycling | 2 Comments

Killing Basic Income Pilot Betrays Ontario's Most Vulnerable Residents

Laura Cattari, Published August 09, 2018
While basic income recipients still have to meet their fiduciary, legal and ethical responsibilities incurred by the three-year offer they acted on, the government has decided to act in bad faith.
Commentary | 1 Comment

Two Eggs

Maureen Wilson, Published August 01, 2018
One in four Hamiltonians come from cities, towns and villages outside of Canada. How blessed we are to have been chosen. What a responsibility we bear to welcome. What an opportunity we have to learn and live together.
Municipal Election 2018

Nothing, Everything, And Fringing

Kevin Somers, Published July 28, 2018
The Fringe is great, fun, and inexpensive. There's something for everyone. If you want to feel better, get out and see a show. Fast.
Entertainment and Sports | 1 Comment

Free Public Workshops at Urquhart Butterfly Garden

Doreen Nicoll, Published July 25, 2018
Throughout the summer, the Urquhart Butterfly Garden runs a series of free one-hour public workshops each Saturday from August 4 to September 8, starting at 11:00 AM sharp.
Healing Gaia

Public Space Design Lessons for Hamilton from Helsinki, Finland

Bob Manoljovich, Published July 19, 2018
Helsinki is a highly livable mid-sized city that has great transit and makes lots of room for pedestrians and cyclists.
Special Report: Walkable Streets

Forensic Psychiatric Patients and the Politics of Fear

Deborah Grace, Published July 19, 2018
The west mountain councillor's fear-mongering about psychiatric patients is undoing years of work to de-stigmatize people living with mental health concerns.
Commentary | 1 Comment

Important Victory in Campaign to Keep Water Public

Doreen Nicoll, Published July 19, 2018
Guelph-Eramosa Council voted to reject an application to build a groundwater extraction and bottling facility outside Guelph.
Healing Gaia

Call for Proposals for imagineNATIVE Digital Project

Doreen Nicoll, Published July 19, 2018
The NFB and imagineNATIVE selection committee are hosting a webinar today to provide tips and creative insight for Indigenous media artists considering submitting a proposal.
Healing Gaia

The Treasure Guardian

Stewart Klazinga, Published July 16, 2018
One crossing guard's thoughts on the job, the system of which it is a part, and the infrastructure that surrounds it.
Municipal Election 2018 | 1 Comment

The Infinite Vivian Maier

Mark Fenton, Published July 16, 2018
Vivian Maier's instant popularity has something to do with the almost novelistic narrative detail of her photos, as well as the allure of her biography. Her work is on display at the Art Gallery of Hamilton until January 6, 2019.
Reviews | 2 Comments

No Accommodation for Vulnerable Pedestrians on King Near Wellington

Karl Andrus, Published July 11, 2018
We routinely provide accommodation to protect drivers and workers, and rightly so, but pedestrians are too often ignored and forgotten.
Special Report: Walkable Streets

Support Wellington Water Watchers' Water for Life Campaign

Doreen Nicoll, Published July 11, 2018
Water is a basic human right, but water in Ontario is in danger of being sold off for private corporate profits.
Healing Gaia

Going Down the Drano: Crystal Methamphetamine Edges Out Crack Cocaine

William Guyatt, Published July 11, 2018
Made from products you can find under your kitchen sink, Crystal has a long high and provokes sudden and violent mood swings.
Commentary | 2 Comments

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