Municipal Election 2014

A Proven Community Leader for Trustee (Candidate Submission)

Public education has a direct result on the vitality of a neighbourhood, and it's time for community impact to be weighed heavily against what happens with our schools.

By Ed Sculthorpe
Published October 22, 2014

My name is Ed Sculthorpe and I'm running to be your next Public School Board Trustee for Wards 1 and 2.

Twenty years from now the children in our schools will be between 24 and 38 years old. They'll have a firm grip on the helm of our country's future. What will they think of their education experience? What will they think of the community that raised them?

It takes a village to raise a child. Public education has a direct result on the vitality of a neighbourhood, and it's time for community impact to be weighed heavily against what happens with our schools.

Our future is bigger than any corporate process or political agenda. Our future is bigger than any social, economical or cultural dividing line. It's time for positive and unselfish investment in our future to made by everyone at every level.

Public education is the most important vote there is in this election, because it effects our community's most important asset - our children.

It's time we protected our schools as community hubs. It's time our students had a stronger connection to their community through our green spaces and greater participation and planning opportunities in city events. It's time for creative arts and phys-ed programming to be protected, because the benefits to social and cognitive development cannot be ignored.

In a time where post-secondary applicants have spent an average of 20,000 hours online, it's time the empathic connections we make through personal communication is developed as much as technological learning. It is essential for the preservation of our culture.

It's time we set up students for success by building a diverse and capable workforce with a more balanced approach to both academia and skilled trades.

It's time for high school students to be provided with the skills and work ethic to demand a living wage after graduation. It's time for school programs to focus more on sustainable growth and environmental responsibility.

It's time we had purpose-built special needs facilities at every school that can still provide inclusivity to our other classrooms or school activities wherever possible.

It's time our spending priorities are clearly defined in the eyes of the community that owns our schools, not in the eyes of the organization that governs our schools.

As a father and a veteran, I know what it means to stand and be counted, to do what is best for others, and to advocate for what is right. I'm a proven community leader who knows how to represent your needs. I'm a political independent who will work to keep partisan politics out of our schools.

I will be a good trustee, but I will be a great community teammate. On October 27th, vote for our future. Vote for our community. Vote Ed Sculthorpe for Public School Trustee.

It's time to reclaim our schools, together. Please visit

Ed Sculthorpe is a father, veteran, small business owner, and candidate for Public School Trustee in Wards 1 and 2.


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By David Loring (@Northender14) (anonymous) | Posted October 22, 2014 at 09:54:39

This is inspiring. We need political independents like Ed Sculthorpe on the HWDSB. One of Ed's rival candidates is a partisan who works for a federal politician, so I've definitely ruled that other candidate out of consideration. After reading this, I'm definitely leaning towards voting on Oct. 27 for Mr. Sculthorpe.

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By this is like a repeet. (anonymous) | Posted October 22, 2014 at 15:17:21

didtn yousaythis alreaedy /

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By scrap (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2014 at 12:29:35

I received your card and called you. I liked what you had to say about your views.

I liked that you are an independent as well.

I ran into you last Friday and spoke face to face with you.

I am voting for you.

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