Special Report: Light Rail

Crown Point Planning Team Letter to Council on Light Rail Transit

Crown Point supports the City's LRT plan and wants to see a station added at Gage Park.

By RTH Staff
Published July 26, 2016

The Crown Point Community Planning Team has written a letter to Ward 3 Councillor Matthew Green and Ward 4 Councillor Sam Merulla to express their support for the City's light rail transit (LRT) plan, while adding a request for a station serving Gage Park.

Dear Councillors Matthew Green and Sam Merulla,

The Crown Point Planning Team (CPPT) is excited about the prospects of LRT. As you know, the Crown Point community is on the move. We are a community of young families sharing neighbourhoods with older citizens and many who struggle with mobility issues. While the modal share for transit as whole in Hamilton is five percent, that share rises to 20 percent in Ward 3 and 14 percent in Ward 4 according to the Ward profiles on the City of Hamilton website.

The HSR operational review from 2010 identifies consistent and regular transit use with boardings all along the primary east/west corridors of Crown Point. We believe that Crown Point residents will benefit from LRT in Hamilton.

It is for this reason we wish to express concern that the Delta/Gage Park station has been omitted from the most recent LRT map. Between the Delta and Gage Ave. there is sufficient daily transit boardings to vie with Ottawa and Main or Kenilworth and Main. As well, because Crown Point has a high proportion of residents with accessibility needs, the loss of the Delta station may represent a hardship.

However, LRT is not simply about the transit needs of Crown Point residents. Gage Park is the crown jewel in Crown Point. It attracts visitors from throughout the City, and beyond, while hosting a wide range of permanent and visiting attractions including the band shell, green houses, the children's museum, the refurbished fountain, the bike pump track, tennis courts, lawn bowling, picnicking, family recreation and, of course, the many music and cultural festivals that call Gage Park home.

Councillor Green has promoted Gage Park to the City of Hamilton as whole as a family friendly and affordable open green space alternative to Conservation Authority parks. It would be a missed opportunity not to have a Gage Park station along the LRT route.

We respectfully request that our councillors support the Delta/Gage Park station being included in the final LRT station map.

Thank you for your consideration on this matter and we look forward to working with you on this exciting project.


Sean Hurley on behalf of The Crown Point Planning Team


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