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Inside, Out

Introducing a new poem by Maxine Kendall.

By Maxine Kendall
Published February 26, 2007

Inside, the warmth embraces me.
Outside, so often cold and numb.
Never-ending nourishment
Or hunger for all I have lost.

Instead of walking on aimlessly,
I would float in the fluid of life.
Inside, the gentleness of darkness on my lids.
Outside, bright assault on open eyes.

Once I heard beautiful echoes.
Now the chord is broken and
Sounds penetrate my skull.
Then, my slow languid movements
Were anticipated and admired.
Just a heap of bones on a concrete bed;
My shivers are now ignored.

Inside, no thoughts to think of.
Outside, too many vie for my mouth's attention.
Safe and protected from within;
Comfort a heartbeat away.
How did I come from that, to this frenetic world?
I was never alone - for even a second,
And now I am insane with loneliness.

Inside, vanity and material things
Had not yet found me.
Outside, I feared they would
Consume me, and all of mankind.

My host gave me great comfort once,
And then abandoned me to the masses.
Not her fault, but mine.
Too much, for a gentle soul to bare.

The other chose to conceive and leave,
Rather than support the usurper of his love.
Fear and pain were not known to me then,
But a breath away lay a lifetime of both.
I am almost at the end of this long and dreary road.
How sad that the best months of my life
Were before my birthday. When once I was loved.

Maxine Kendall is a very busy stay at home Mom of three, plus husband, dog, hedgehog and bearded dragon. Too many years ago, she was in the fashion business, but put it aside to take care of her family. She kept my creative side busy making clothes for the children and creating artsy stuff for the house. A couple of years ago, Maxine discovered writing and never looked back. She writes poetry and short fiction, and has almost completed a children's novel.


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