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By Jason Leach
Published December 14, 2004

Ever wondered about the evolution of cities? Did your father or grandfather tell you old tales about the railway and then how the superhighway made rail obsolete? Do you live in a city that is currently tearing down old highways to build parks and greenspace?

Well, this is your chance to see some history re-enacted!

Limited Time!

For a limited time only, come to Hamilton and see up close the mid-20th century practice of building a superhighway. For only $39.95 you will be taken on a one-hour ATV ride through the Red Hill Valley in Hamilton, Ontario, part of the United Nations World Biosphere Reserve.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to see yesterday's practices up close - almost all North American cities have given up demolishing protected wildlife areas to lay asphalt. Unless Hamilton city council decides we need a freeway to Kitchener via the Dundas Valley, you may never see an opportunity like this again!

Rediscover History!

Rediscover the past. Learn how cities used to do things in the good old days of cheap gasoline and endless frontiers!

Experience the wonder of clearcutting - the practice of bulldozing centuries of history and clean air supply with power and awe (or perhaps we should call it "shock and awe").

Simulate riding on the surface of the moon as you bound across the barren wasteland in your all-terrain vehicle.

Register Now!

Be sure to take advantage of our limited time offer - only $39.95 if you register before September 30. Residents of Hamilton are graciously picking up the tab through a large tax increase this year and a dip into the 'future fund' - all so youcan enjoy this experiece before it's gone.

This fall, the place to be is Hamilton - a city on the move!

Jason Leach was born and raised in the Hammer and currently lives downtown with his wife and children. You can follow him on twitter.


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