Articles from January, 2012

TO2015 Confirms Milton Velodrome
Milton will receive the Pan Am Velodrome with the help of a $7 million donation from the CEO of Mattamy Homes, millions in additional donations and a possible partnership with Wilfrid Laurier.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 31, 2012 in Special Report: Pan Am (30 comments)

Strathcona Snowfall
The first respectable snowfall of the season is supposed to melt later today, but here's a selection of photos I took yesterday to celebrate my neighbourhood in winter.
by Jason Leach
Published January 31, 2012 in City Life (1 comment)

Review: Karolina's Restaurant
Homey ambiance, friendly service and generous portions of delicious, home-cooked Polish cuisine make Karolina's a winner.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 30, 2012 in Reviews (7 comments)

100 Main Street West: We Deserve a Better Solution
If we're going to build a second tower on the back of City Hall, why not use that tower to house city offices which we're currently leasing elsewhere?
by Matt Jelly
Published January 29, 2012 in Special Report: Education (27 comments)

Put HWDSB Offices in City Hall Tower 2: Farr
Councillor Jason Farr plans to introduce a motion for Council to call on the Board of Education to locate their offices in a proposed second tower built on the south side of City Hall.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 27, 2012 in Special Report: Education (32 comments)

Unanswered Questions on Downtown McMaster, School Board Plan
Our Councillors and Trustees owe us some answers on a staggeringly expensive proposal that will demolish an iconic building and ferry the school board out of the downtown core.
by Dan Jelly
Published January 27, 2012 in Special Report: Education (40 comments)

BradI Ching: A Photo Journey to the End of my Driveway and Back Again
Are we all guilty of pursuing the horizon? Of pursuing an end that is but a beginning the moment we reach it?
by Mark Fenton
Published January 26, 2012 in Photo Essay (0 comments)

Stories in Stone: Travels through Urban Geology
This book is an eminently readable introduction to the history of North American building stones, and several chapters are of direct relevance to the 'urban geology' of southern Ontario.
by Gerard V. Middleton
Published January 25, 2012 in Reviews (5 comments)

Convincing Council to Support Urban Chickens
Show your councillor that you support backyard chickens before the next council meeting on January 25.
by Jeremy Compton
Published January 22, 2012 in Commentary (43 comments)

Online Protest Against PIPA/SOPA
Several US websites are protesting proposed legislation that would damage the architecture of the web and censor legitimate free speech.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 18, 2012 in Special Report (26 comments)

Bi-Weekly Collection More Effective Than One-Container Limit
Cities that collect garbage bi-weekly are more successful at diverting waste out of landfill than Hamilton's approach of weekly collection with a one-container limit.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 17, 2012 in Special Report: Waste Management (33 comments)

Presentation: Don't Lift Garbage Limit
Maintaining the current garbage container limit will greatly increase our community's ability to achieve the waste diversion and minimization goals stated and endorsed by Council in Vision 2020.
by Larry Pomerantz
Published January 16, 2012 in Special Report: Waste Management (30 comments)

How New York Decided to Become a Bicycle-Friendly City
A few years ago, New York City decided to get its act together on bicycle infrastructure and is already reaping the net public benefits.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 10, 2012 in Special Report: Cycling (20 comments)

Walk Off The Earth
The moments we shine are the ones where we have forgotten that people are watching, when we are just 'us' doing the things we do because we love to do them.
by Larry Pattison
Published January 09, 2012 in Reviews (11 comments)

Personal Grooming and a Living Wage
Grooming and personal appearance can be expensive to look after, and a parent earning minimum wage who wants to send a child out into the world looking and feeling his or her best may find that it isn't affordable.
by Michelle Martin
Published January 03, 2012 in Belonging (27 comments)

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