Articles from January, 2019

What's at Stake in the City Manager Hiring Process
The current course that Council is headed on feels just as patriarchal as it does paternalistic.
by Cameron Kroetsch
Published January 21, 2019 in Special Report: City Manager (1 comment)

Innovation Will Not Solve Climate Change
Thanks to incentives protecting the status quo, market "innovation", far from helping us with climate change, has made it worse.
by John Loukidelis
Published January 14, 2019 in Special Report: Climate Change (2 comments)

Livable Lanes: Laneway Housing in Hamilton
Laneway housing in Hamilton will create more housing options for people that are drawn to our city's older neighbourhoods. It allows new housing to incrementally utilize existing urban infrastructure.
by Emma Cubitt
Published January 10, 2019 in Special Report: Laneway Housing (1 comment)

Burlington's Municipal Election Was Not a NIMBY Revolution
High-density cities built without resident input and careful engagement, and which overwhelm already successful urban environments with buildings residents hate, will repeat the mistakes of urban planners from the urban renewal era.
by Roland Tanner
Published January 09, 2019 in Opinion (2 comments)

Book Review: The Fruitful City by Helena Moncrieff
Central to this lively book is the notion that we are literally surrounded by fruit in our cities, and yet nobody has any idea what to do with it.
by Jason Allen
Published January 09, 2019 in Reviews (1 comment)

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