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Character Zoning Pilot Study: A Step Toward Preserving the Character of Durand
Durand residents deserve 21st century zoning that protects the character of their neighbourhood and facilitates good infill development.
by Frances Murray and Yonatan Rozenszajn
Published November 30, 2015 in Policy (2 comments)

Change Municipal Act to Stop Rewarding Vacancy With Tax Rebates
A better solution would be to allow a time-limited discount to allow owners to find new tenants, after which the tax returns to the normal rate.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published June 09, 2015 in Policy (28 comments)

Chance to Comment on Reviews of Municipal Legislation
Ontario's Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is undertaking reviews of two important statutes: Municipal legislation and Municipal Elections legislation.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 05, 2015 in Policy (1 comment)

Planning Meetings With Home Builders Will Go Public
The Planning department will start holding its meetings with the home building industry in public forums.
by Ryan McGreal
Published December 12, 2014 in Policy (5 comments)

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