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Municipalities Need to Unite against Ford's Firehose of Land Use Changes
Do Hamilton City Councillors really want our taxpayers to subsidize low-density future growth which will increase pollution, car commute times, impact our emissions and pave over farmland?
by Michelle Silverton
Published February 16, 2021 in Special Report (0 comments)

Conservation Conundrum
Will we lose Hamilton's Conservation Authority at a time when we need it the most to get through this climate crisis?
by Paul Weinberg
Published December 04, 2020 in Special Report (0 comments)

After the Spill
Following a Council decision not to disclose two leaks of sewage and stormwater totalling 24 billion litres over four years, local civic leaders, stewardship agencies and the Ministry of Environment are working to come to terms with the aftermath.
by Paul Weinberg
Published September 02, 2020 in Special Report (2 comments)

West Harbour Pier 7 and 8 Urban Design Calls for 110,000 sq. ft. of New Residential
New report is the result of years of planning and a lengthy series of public meetings on the future of these valuable lands.
by Joey Coleman
Published April 27, 2016 in Special Report (19 comments)

Canada Must Act Now to Save Steel Industry
A more proactive government would see the value of using all of the tools at its disposal, including loans and incentives, to nurture and preserve steelmaking in Canada.
by Paul Weinberg
Published February 05, 2016 in Special Report (1 comment)

City, Conservation Authority at Cross-Purposes on Greenbelt Protection
City Council wants to remove east mountain land from the Greenbelt, undermining the efforts of the Hamilton Conservation Authority to protect and enhance the natural environment.
by Paul Weinberg
Published January 25, 2016 in Special Report (18 comments)

Help Chart Beasley Neighbourhood's Future
In anticipation of the five-year anniversary of the Beasley Neighbourhood Plan, the BNA is conducting a year-long consultation with residents and other community service agencies to determine priorities and action-items for the 2016-2021 Plan.
by Allison Chewter and Michael Borrelli
Published November 24, 2015 in Special Report (0 comments)

Affordable Housing Growing in Importance in Hamilton
With a new government in Ottawa, might there be an opportunity for Hamilton to be ambitious and incorporate more of a grassroots, community-led component to upcoming planned redevelopments.
by Rob Fiedler
Published November 23, 2015 in Special Report (12 comments)

Neighbours Working Together: A Dialogue on Intensification
If communities are going to engage in the planning process around intensification, a broader discussion needs to continue around what intensification means and how to keep citizens involved so we have a meaningful say in future developments.
by Greg Tedesco
Published July 24, 2015 in Special Report (7 comments)

Hamilton's Choice: Endless Induced Traffic or Transit-Oriented Development
We quite simply can't afford to keep approving and building low-density sprawling developments and servicing them with ever-widening highways and streets, which generate yet more low-density development.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 25, 2015 in Special Report (23 comments)

Original Intent of Beasley Community Centre Remains Unrealized
In order to serve our recreational and community needs after school hours, the community needs to be properly consulted through a planned community engagement and consultation process.
by Sylvia Nickerson
Published April 11, 2013 in Special Report (18 comments)

The GTHA Should Embrace Congestion Pricing
Congestion pricing can raise most of the money we need to pay for The Big Move while providing immediate benefits to drivers and the regional economy.
by Ryan McGreal
Published April 04, 2013 in Special Report (50 comments)

Regional Transportation Planning Needs Real Leadership
Focusing the dialogue on the increasing economic costs of our current system is one way to frame the issue in a way that hits home with everyone's bottom line-their pocketbook.
by Dave Heidebrecht
Published March 19, 2013 in Special Report (6 comments)

2012 City Building Permits Total $1.5 Billion
Building Permit Activity in Hamilton more than doubled its 2011 total to $1.5 billion in 2012, riding on strong growth in permits across all five categories of building.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 16, 2013 in Special Report (23 comments)

In Chicken Vote, Anti-Urban Bias Trumped Evidence-Based Policy
Ultimately, the matter of urban chickens is not a big deal in itself, but it does reflect poorly on Council's willingness to engage in evidence-based governance or support progressive urban revitalization.
by Ryan McGreal
Published December 13, 2012 in Special Report (61 comments)

Lincoln Alexander State Funeral
At 2:30 PM today, Hamilton will play host to a state funeral for Lincoln Alexander.
by Joey Coleman
Published October 26, 2012 in Special Report (0 comments)

Hamilton West Harbour Concept Neighbourhood Plan
This new vision for the Barton-Tiffany area of the West Harbour is an extension and an intensification of our urban neighbourhoods comprised of small pedestrian-scaled blocks with new and reinforced connections to our downtown and waterfront.
by RTH Staff
Published June 20, 2012 in Special Report (21 comments)

2011 Census Population Data by Ward
It appears that nearly all of the new growth in population since 2006 has been single family residential sprawl in new suburban greenfields. So much for intensification.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 13, 2012 in Special Report (42 comments)

Online Protest Against PIPA/SOPA
Several US websites are protesting proposed legislation that would damage the architecture of the web and censor legitimate free speech.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 18, 2012 in Special Report (26 comments)

Canada-European Union free trade: What's in it for Hamilton?
There are no jobs in CETA. There are only reduced options for communities like Hamilton.
by Stuart Trew
Published October 17, 2011 in Special Report (8 comments)

Fate of Old Revenue Building Starts to Come into Focus
Vrancor plan is to partially demolish 150 Main Street West and incorporate the southwest corner into a new condo development.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 17, 2011 in Special Report (39 comments)

'It is Possible to Fry People': Health Effects of Heat Islands
Hamilton's expanses of asphalt contribute to the heat island effect that puts our citizens at risk during heat waves. Why do we continue to permit them?
by John Neary
Published July 21, 2011 in Special Report (21 comments)

Chris Murray Responds to Joint Statement on Media Access at City Hall
Full text of City Manager Chris Murray's formal response to last week's Joint Statement on local media access.
by RTH Staff
Published June 09, 2011 in Special Report (17 comments)

Vrancor Offers to Partially Restore West Side of Revenue Canada Building
Vrancor now plans to preserve part of the west side of the old Revenue Canada building at 150 Main Street West as part of a new structure.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 07, 2011 in Special Report (26 comments)

Area Rating Presents Opportunity For Leadership And Consensus-Building
Conclusions of citizens' forum presents City Council and Mayor Bratina with an opportunity to heal the community by resolving a difficult issue.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published February 27, 2011 in Special Report (52 comments)

What is the Fate of the Old Revenue Canada Building?
It's great that we want to preserve the friezes on 150 Main Street West, but what about the building itself?
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 11, 2011 in Special Report (107 comments)

West Harbour: The Three R's
Revisit, Remediate and Reuse are the real keys to the re-birth of the West Harbour. This article will focus on Remediation while discussing the other two R's.
by Mark Richardson
Published January 22, 2011 in Special Report (19 comments)

City Tops $1 Billion in Building Activity for 2010
More than half of all building permit activity in 2010 was residential, and residential building was responsible for most of the growth in total activity over 2009.
by RTH Staff
Published January 19, 2011 in Special Report (21 comments)

Market Committee Decision on Stallholder Apeals
The Hamilton Farmers' Market Transition Sub-committee released its decision on appeals filed by vendors who were not granted space in the renovated market.
by Joey Coleman
Published December 20, 2010 in Special Report (8 comments)

Farmers' Market Committee Meeting Today
The Farmers' Market Transition Subcommittee will hear appeals from stallholders whose applications were rejected, and will consider a motion instructing staff to seek additional space to accommodate more stallholders.
by RTH Staff
Published December 09, 2010 in Special Report (24 comments)

Anti-Urban Outlook Drives LRT Opponents
It's time to develop a narrative around LRT that speaks to its great potential for Hamilton and that portrays Hamilton as the city it is and the city it can be, a narrative that revolves around hope, determination, ambition and vision.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published November 30, 2010 in Special Report (66 comments)

Friends of Hamilton Farmers' Market Calls on City to be More Inclusive
In a letter to staff and the Farmers' Market Transition Sub-Committee, Jennifer Hompoth argues that bureaucratic transactions do not make for real inclusiveness.
by RTH Staff
Published November 30, 2010 in Special Report (9 comments)

Spectator to Lose Veteran Journalists
The departure of many veteran journalists will deprive the Spectator of experience and institutional memory, but open the opportunity to take the publication in a new direction.
by Joey Coleman
Published November 27, 2010 in Special Report (44 comments)

The Cost of Sprawl
It seems clear, intuitively, that sprawl-based development is much more expensive than a high density system. The hard numbers back up this intuition.
by David Steele
Published November 23, 2010 in Special Report (57 comments)

Rejected Market Vendor Plans to Appeal
Julia Serna has launched a petition to support her appeal against the City's decision to reject her Colombian coffee stall at the renovated Farmers' Market.
by Ryan McGreal
Published November 18, 2010 in Special Report (77 comments)

King West Photo Tour
Trevor Shaw comes in from the suburbs to see what makes King West tick.
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published April 14, 2005 in Special Report (1 comment)

Green Berets 2004 Annual Report on the City of Hamilton
We are pleased to present the Green Berets 2004 Annual Report on the City of Hamilton, to communicate our thoughts, our concerns, and our hopes for the city.
by Ben Bull
Published January 14, 2005 in Special Report (0 comments)

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