City of Burps

By Jason Leach
Published November 01, 2005

An OMB hHearing has been set for yet another urban boundary expansion in Hamilton.

This time, the tender fruitlands of lower Stoney Creek around Fruitland (interesting name) Road are the issue.

The city, of course, argues that the land is useless as fruit land and would be much better used as low density, debt-producing sprawl. The province took the city to the OMB in order to maintain this land for fruit growing purposes.

What a novel idea. We can actually grow fruit and vegetables here in our own city instead of eating garbage filled with pesticides and chemicals from the US or overseas.

Since the city is so intent on paving over every piece of land between Hamilton and Lake Erie, perhaps they would also be willing to incur the billions of dollars in health care costs that go up every year as our society becomes more obese, more spread out and therefore addicted to our cars, more likely to hit a drive-thru "restaurant" after a lengthy and tiring commute, and less sociable due to the design of new suburbs where everyone retreats to their garages when they come home instead of sitting on a front porch mere feet from a bustling sidewalk.

Good old Hamilton ­- city of burbs....or was that burps?

Jason Leach was born and raised in the Hammer and currently lives downtown with his wife and children. You can follow him on twitter.


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