Hamilton Snow Coverage

By Joey Coleman
Published March 23, 2011

Hamilton is expecting snow overnight and into Wednesday as we enjoy the first week of spring.

Environment Canada's snowfall warning for Hamilton states: "Bursts of heavy snow will begin overnight and will be accompanied by strong easterly winds gusting to 60 km/h Wednesday. Snowfalls of 15 cm or more are anticipated by Wednesday afternoon."

Our #HamOntSnow coverage on Groundhog Day was very popular and we're facilitating crowd-sourcing of this event. (Our Snow Coverage on Family fizzled when only 4 centimetres showed up.)

On Twitter, use the hashtag #HamOntSnow to share your experiences, add your photos or video, and help us inform each other of what's happening in our neighbourhoods. Your contribution will be cultivated in the box below.

At the bottom of the page, we've listed important links that you can follow for more storm information.


Weather conditions

Hamilton cancellation listings and updates:

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City of Hamilton “Snow Advisory” and “Snow Emergency” information

Hamilton Police media advisory reminding motorists of snow procedures

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