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Fringe Review: The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper

By Kevin Somers
Published July 23, 2014

In 2013, Toronto based entertainer, Corin Raymond, paid for the production of his aptly titled live-album, Paper Nickels, with Canadian Tire money. His one-man show, The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper, details his hilarious, unlikely adventure.

Raymond is a life-long entertainer and storyteller. In the show, he recounts his days as a teenager juggling for tips in Ottawa's Spark Street Mall and having to will the courage to step up, in front of strangers and put on a show, every time. Raymond fondly reminisces about returning to his grandmother's house and counting the money with her.

Raymond also sings, plays guitar, and writes songs and wanted to record a live album.

He tells of serendipitously discovering that The Rogue Music Lab in Toronto, where his album was to be produced, took Canadian Money "at par." What the heck? After an epiphany, he decided to try and pay for the whole thing with funny money.

Raymond's caper made headlines across the country and, as he described it, "An avalanche of love," ensued. Raymond regales the audience with touching anecdote after touching anecdote about collecting $7,333.75 in paper nickels.

Raymond is a comical, affable entertainer. Shaggy hair, t-shirt and shorts beguile a polished and professional performer. It's not easy to stand in front of strangers and hold their attention for an hour, but Raymond draws on his decades of experience to make it seem easy.

His love of The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper is obvious and infectious. Although the audience knew the outcome, everyone stood and cheered for the happy ending. A great story, well told.

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.


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