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Fringe Review: Places

By Ciaran Taylor-McGreal
Published July 25, 2014

Places is about three college/university students: Alex (Evan Mulrooney), Jason (Michael Pearson), and Rebecca (Rachel Estok). These students are finishing up their final year in College and are trying to figure out their lives.

All three characters have a special talent that they enjoy, but some external force is stopping them.

Rebecca enjoys dancing but is embarrassed and as a result only does it privately. Alex is a talented playwright but doesn't want to show his scripts to people. Jason is an incredible actor but is stuck in business school due to his parents.

The play revolves around the three characters realizing what they actually enjoy in life and moving on from there. One interesting aspect of the play was the character portrayal. The actors seemed realistic to the point that it felt like watching actual people.

The play also has an interesting meta element through Jason's scripts. His two friends often play roles when he's picturing the scripts, turning this into a play within a play.

If you want to see an entertaining play about three people dealing with large changes in their lives then this is a good recommendation. It doesn't have any audience interaction, it's one hour and totally worth it.

Ciaran Taylor-McGreal is an aspiring writing and sleep deprivation specialist. He is 22 and spends too much time procrastinating.


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