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Fringe 2016 Review: The Cockwhisperer: A Love Story

By Kenneth Kelbrook
Published July 18, 2016

First of all, I am a Prude. So I don't think that a public theatre space is the right place to be talking about all your sexual adventures and peccadilloes.

Secondly, in spite of being a Prude, I am not easily shocked. And this play relies on a lot of shock humour.

Thirdly, it is not really a play, it is more of stand-up comedy routine. Thirdly, again ('cause I can't count higher than three), this play pokes fun at men and speaking for the male population as a whole, I don't really like being talked about like I'm stupid or something.

Finally, the name of the villain in this piece is Ken. And he is a horrible guy. And my name happens to be Ken. So, for me, that was, like, the last nail in the coffin.

OK, I don't know, I guess that the playwright, director and cast, Collette Kendall thought that it would be safe to use the name Ken for the creepy villain, because, after all, no woman has named their son Ken, since some doll face named Barbie started dating one some fifty years ago.

But there are still old guys like me who have to live with the horror of sharing our name with an anatomically dysfunctional, plastic hunk of preteen fantasy. So just lay off.

Anyway, I did not go to this show alone. I was dragged there, against my will, by a number of friends. And they laughed. And they Laughed, And yes, it felt just exactly like they were laughing at me. I was miserable from beginning to end.

The Cockwhisperer: A Love Story, is everything the title promises it to be. A shock-a-lot comedy for the lusty and the open minded, all told from the woman's point of view. So if you are a prude like me, better to stay away. But if you tend to identify with my friends in this scenario, you will probably enjoy it as much as they did.

Kenneth Kelbrook is a seasoned theatre director who has worked all across the nation. Shows in Hamilton include: Doctor Faustus in October of last year at the Pearl Company with Make Art Theatre, The Two Row Wampum performed at Pier Four Park, The Boiler Room Suite with Theatre Terra Nova and many, many years ago, I Ought to be in Pictures at Caesar's Dinner Theatre.


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