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Fringe 2017 Review: El Diablo of the Cards 2.0

By Susan J. Creer
Published July 24, 2017

Last year, I reviewed El Diablo of the Cards. This year, once again, El Diablo was so intriguing! Keep looking forward! If you want to know why and how that comment is relevant, you need to see the show.

El Diablo interacted with the audience and had the kids interested in what was going on while the audience was waiting in line. The show I attended had a lot more adults than children and everyone was involved. When the hall opens, he brings the kids to sit around the onstage table himself.

His set is a small six-foot table, black cover and a lot of cards! The other set pieces are limes and a very sharp knife that I can attest was used safely to confound and confuse but if you want to know how, you need to watch the show.

He likes to pretend his English is not very good so there are some very funny 'plays on words' (yes this is a deliberate pun) and audience members making faces trying to help him pronounce words correctly. As a reviewer, I held back and sat a little higher up so I had a good view of the proceedings.

El Diablo 2.0 had some lovely preshow 'clown' music playing, which greatly lightened the mood. The whole audience does a cheer/chant/wave/song but if you end up putting your thumbs the wrong way up we have to do it all over again! The card vomit/pull out of his mouth got a few odd laughs.

El Diablo's show is very definitely family-friendly, so do not be afraid to take children of all ages to see his show. I thought one man was going to pop a gasket trying to work out an illusion. El Diablo 2.0 has travelled to 52 countries. You have to see the show to understand why.

El Diablo of the Cards
El Diablo of the Cards

S. J. Creer. B.A. Susan has been volunteering since she was a teen. She is a community advocate with a focus on disability and poverty concerns. Her background includes professional speaking, theatre (professional and community), writing (op/ed, blogging, Linkedin), teaching, event planning.


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