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Fringe 2017 Review: The ADHD Project

By Arthur Bullock
Published July 24, 2017

Having any mental condition can be difficult for anyone, no matter what it is, who you are or where you live. Your needs will inevitably be different from those of neurotypical individuals, and it is very likely that the people who raise you will not share your condition. The stigma attached to mental illness can often add an extra layer of difficulty, depending on your circumstances. However, people with mental conditions are still people, and they deserve love and acceptance from themselves and others.

The ADHD Project is purely a storytelling venture, with no tech or lighting cues to be found at any point. Carlyn Rhamey talks about experiencing life as a person with ADHD: her interests, her struggles, her fears, and her developing sense of identity. Not all of the experiences she recounts are positive ones, but all of them are very engaging.

Carlyn is friendly and optimistic, which shines through in her storytelling. At nearly all times, her delivery is energetic and enthusiastic, making for a fun, engaging listening experience.

It consistently feels as those you are having a real conversation with her; I found it very notable that the way she spoke after the show concluded was identical to the way she spoke during it. To me, it was evidence that she was not putting on any sort of character, and I found that to be impressive.

When you go to see The ADHD Project, you are truly getting a glimpse into the life of the performer herself.

The ADHD Project
The ADHD Project

Arthur Bullock is a graduate of Communication Studies at McMaster University. As a reviewer, he combines his two favourite hobbies: theatre and writing.

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By RP (registered) | Posted July 28, 2017 at 08:44:11

An excellent show, particularly for anyone with an ADHD person in their lives (as is the case with us!). Carlyn is an enthusiastic storyteller, and honest and forthright (and very funny) in telling her story of life with ADHD; we could totally relate to much of what she said given our own experiences.

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