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Fringe 2017 Review: No Dick Pics Please

By Ciaran Taylor-McGreal
Published July 24, 2017

No Dick Pics Please was incredibly dense and took me a while to process. Robin Zee packed a lot of material into a 20 minute performance and in many ways it feels like three performances crammed together: the first act about raising a child, the second act about the narrator's own childhood, and the third act about empty nests and dating in your 50s.

The story about raising her child particularly interested me. She discussed how her own parent raised her early on and how she promised herself she would raise her child differently, read parenting books and so on. It made me wonder: how often do parents try to do the opposite of what their parents did? How many expecting families look at their own youth and think, "There is no way I'm putting my kid through that shitshow."

I'm starting to think this play may have uncovered a deep-rooted scam by the parenting book industry: market your products to parents trying to do the opposite of what their parents had done.

Now, I'm not going to focus too much on spoilers as it's mainly a comedy sketch, the narrator telling her story and then leaving. To spoil what is already a short 20-minute sketch would ruin the point of going. So instead I'm just going to say, go see No Dick Pics Please.

No Dick Pics Please
No Dick Pics Please

Ciaran Taylor-McGreal is an aspiring writing and sleep deprivation specialist. He is 22 and spends too much time procrastinating.


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