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Why Am I Single?

By Marianne Daly
Published July 23, 2018

Why Am I Single?
Why Am I Single?

A pretty thirty-something woman wearing rubber boots, an oversized necklace, an even more oversized orange hair bow, and a down winter coat over a fancy dress comes out on stage to the song, "I Will Survive." In a mix of standup comedy and reenacting conversations with friends, Magdalena talks about her recent romantic relationships.

With clever wordplay, Magdalena explains the difference between a "relation-shit" and "situation-ship." She has memorable nicknames for several of her past romantic interests like FOUR-FUCKING-MONTHS and MOM'S HOUSE, and HORSE COP. Not only was this funny, it helped the audience keep track of all the guys as she refers back to them.

The dating world is so different than it was when I last dated 25 years ago! It was interesting, eye-opening and at times a little depressing to hear a woman speak about how discouraging online dating experiences can be. As a fifty-something listening to a thirty-something, I learned a lot. I knew what ghosting was, but zombie, bread-crumbing and benching were some of the concepts that were new to me.

Magdalena is funny and clever and I really enjoyed watching her perform. There were a few moments when the monologue didn't flow as well and sometime when the soundtrack of texting and cell phone message pings didn't sync with the action. I spent too much attention wondering why she is wearing that winter coat and boots.

Through playing at Improv over the past fifteen years, I have become a student of comedy. I very much appreciated Magdalena's clever sense of humour. She shone her funny light on the human quest for love. If you want to find out what happens when Magdalena finally finds some good dating advice online, then you must go see Why Am I Single? at Mills Hardware.

Marianne Daly is a writer, storyteller and retired high school teacher.


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