Hungry For Some Good News?

By Jason Leach
Published March 29, 2007

It's been an interesting, if tough week, in Hamilton politics. If you weren't ticked off already take a read through recent blogs and your mood will change.

Right about now would be the perfect time for some good news in our city. What better place to turn to than our fantastic food/dining scene.

I present to you a trio of articles highlighting this sector of Hamilton's economy that just seems to pick up more and more steam regardless of what else is going on in this city.

Pardonnez mon français

First, a fabulous new restaurant, Pardon My French, at Main and Gage (View Magazine has a great review). I recently had lunch here with a friend and it is worth the trip. I'll be heading back for sure as will most customers.

Believe it not, this stretch of Main St is quite delightful (of course you must turn a blind eye to the roaring trucks and cars) with huge trees across the road at Gage Park. Walking to the corner of Main and Gage, I couldn't help but think "what if..."

It felt like several neat little intersections one would find in Montreal. A fabulous art shop, Sealed Art, is located in the funky triangle shaped building at the northeast corner.

A neat mural and track-side garden is located at the Connaught fish and chips shop at the southwest corner and of course, Gage Park is the dominant feature here.

In virtually every other city in our country this intersection would be bustling with pedestrians, patios and a great urban vibe. It is so easy to see what could be if only city hall cared about our urban, lower city and saw the potential beyond a massive highway canyon for their daily trip to and from work.

Pardon My French is a must-try and succeeds marvelously along Hamilton's noisiest street.

Food and Drink Fest

The next piece to highlight, also from View Magazine, is regarding the upcoming Food and Drink Fest at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

As the organizer explains, Hamilton is blessed with fantastic restaurants. This is perhaps the biggest thing one notices upon moving downtown from the suburbs as my wife and I did some years ago.

Chain restaurants with the same menu from here to Burnaby no longer make the radar when planning a night out or deciding to try something new.

Hamilton's diverse culture and fabulous old buildings allow for some wonderful restaurants in our city centre. This event highlights some of them and is a welcome addition to our city scene.

Eat Local

Finally, the Hamilton Spectator carried a wonderful piece on Hamilton's burgeoning "eat local" movement.

Various reasons factor in one's decision to eat local. Most prominent are health issues and knowing the people who grow your food supply. Freshness and flavour are also great benefits to eating local.

Hamilton's Bread and Roses Café recently won an award as Canada's best organic restaurant - and it's only been open for a year.

Downtown Update Update

The next issue of RTH will see the return of the Downtown Update and once again, new restaurant openings are front and centre in our city centre.

Bon appetit!

Jason Leach was born and raised in the Hammer and currently lives downtown with his wife and children. You can follow him on twitter.


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