Blog Entries in Arts

Giving Thanks for Hamilton Sings Community Choir by Lynn Watkins, published April 30, 2014 in Arts (1 comment)

The Bees by Shawn Selway, published October 11, 2013 in Arts (1 comment)

Letter: Closing James for Art Crawl Could Lead to Institutionalization by Letter to the Editor, published September 20, 2013 in Arts (16 comments)

Motion to Close James North for Monthly Art Crawl by RTH Staff, published September 18, 2013 in Arts (19 comments)

Downtown Hamilton Time-Lapse by RTH Staff, published July 24, 2013 in Arts (0 comments)

A Poem in July by Shekar Chandrashekar, published May 12, 2013 in Arts (2 comments)

A Child's Christmas In Hamilton by Ryan Moran, published December 07, 2012 in Arts (5 comments)

Hamilton Novel a Finalist in CBC Readers' Choice Award by Noelle Allen, published August 29, 2012 in Arts (2 comments)

Terra Lightfoot and Said The Whale on James North by Ryan McGreal, published June 25, 2012 in Arts (6 comments)

Creative Industries in Hamilton by RTH Staff, published November 21, 2011 in Arts (14 comments)

Free Shuttle Bus to Supercrawl, Locke Street Festival and Canadian Country Music Awards Fan Fest by RTH Staff, published September 02, 2011 in Arts (6 comments)

Michael Jackson Square by RTH Staff, published April 08, 2011 in Arts (7 comments)

Modern Infrastructure Transformed by Adrian Duyzer, published August 20, 2010 in Arts (9 comments)

Bring Rick and George to Supercrawl by RTH Staff, published June 07, 2010 in Arts (2 comments)

RTH Online Poetry Crawl by Michelle Martin, published March 14, 2010 in Arts (10 comments)

Concrete Poetry Wins Locke Street Art Project by RTH Staff, published December 10, 2009 in Arts (4 comments)

Be My Brother by Michelle Martin, published September 29, 2009 in Arts (2 comments)

An Interesting Start to Hamilton Cultural Industries Strategy by Adrian Duyzer, published May 26, 2009 in Arts (4 comments)

Hamilton's LeE HARVeY OsMOND on YouTube by Ted Mitchell, published May 01, 2009 in Arts (0 comments)

Hamilton Place Theatre Ranked #1 in Canada by Jason Leach, published April 20, 2009 in Arts (12 comments)

Roadsworth: Art or Vandalism? by Ryan McGreal, published March 26, 2009 in Arts (13 comments)

RIP Frankie Venom by Ryan McGreal, published October 16, 2008 in Arts (0 comments)

Jazz at the Corktown by Jason Leach, published January 23, 2008 in Arts (6 comments)

A Response to '#$&% Jackson Pollock' by Mark Fenton, published October 05, 2007 in Arts (9 comments)

Opera Ontario Launches Emergency Fundraising Campaign by Trey Shaughnessy, published September 17, 2007 in Arts (3 comments)

Blues Rockin' In The Hammer by Ryan McGreal, published January 12, 2007 in Arts (0 comments)

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