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Helping More Kids Walk the Walk by Kelly Scott, published October 17, 2013 in Health (1 comment)

Fear of Disability Can Lead Us to Avoid and Exclude People by Michelle Martin, published August 05, 2013 in Health (16 comments)

Public Health Responds to Santucci on Sanford School by Ryan McGreal, published December 20, 2012 in Health (6 comments)

Diabetes Risk Higher in Less Walkable Neighbourhoods: Study by Ryan McGreal, published September 19, 2012 in Health (8 comments)

Sick of Long Commutes by Ryan McGreal, published May 30, 2011 in Health (8 comments)

Don't Be Afraid To Toboggan by Adrian Duyzer, published February 06, 2011 in Health (37 comments)

Radon: Leona Aglukkaq Ignites Anxiety with Misinformation by Ted Mitchell, published December 08, 2010 in Health (9 comments)

City Medical Officer of Health Issues Heat Warning (Stage 2) by RTH Staff, published August 31, 2010 in Health (10 comments)

State of Listeria: Government Oversight Could Have Prevented Outbreak by Ryan McGreal, published September 18, 2008 in Health (8 comments)

Heat Alert 'Trigger' Too High by Tom Cooper, published July 17, 2008 in Health (7 comments)

Foreign Substance Saps Precious Bodily Fluids by Ryan McGreal, published July 10, 2008 in Health (5 comments)

Get Outside by Ted Mitchell, published January 24, 2008 in Health (17 comments)

Diabetes Rates Higher in the Suburbs by Ben Bull, published November 01, 2007 in Health (12 comments)

City Heat Warning Plan: Keep Doing Nothing by Ryan McGreal, published August 03, 2007 in Health (3 comments)

Health Care Strike-Outs by Ted Mitchell, published August 02, 2007 in Health (0 comments)

Weighing the Risks of Childhood Play by Ryan McGreal, published July 19, 2007 in Health (4 comments)

An Effective Heat Alert Program by Ryan McGreal, published August 04, 2006 in Health (2 comments)

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