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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted May 01, 2008 at 08:22:05

Excellent write Trevor and great supporting images! You mention (of Peak Oil) that the mainstream media "did everything possible to ignore the subject" and "was quick to say that it won't affect 'us'." And that the food-crisis is "a domino from the Peak Oil reality."

Now what of the other dominoes lined-up in nice neat rose? Are they too thorny I suppose?

Massive mainstream media has an agenda to form, rather than to inform the public. The mainstream news has a chloroform affect and as a result, what's now appearing through the haze, is the more uniform shaped maize of things to come.

It is up to folks like us to reform the shape of that gloomy specter and convince people they're not just seeing a ghost. Doom is a very real apparition we will face as a city if we don't act now.

But there are many hurdles to overcome as status Quo is won of them. Business as usual must be maintained and the mainstream masters that men. We cannot move the hands which place the dominoes down hard but we can shove them aside or shore them up guard.

Food and our waters and our good attitudes These we protect with our fond platitudes No matter how many key words there fuse clues

Honorable sirs and respectable ma'ams Lister carefully of alternative plans Tell four friends when shaking their hands

We're to build here a cosm of grandeur not small Not mini, eeny-meany nor remotely micro at all It macro defacto depends we won't fall

Please don't uninstall!

The bees make us honey Recollect as in money Pride as horse ride Stakes are tall!

Only a chump Would jump


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