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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted May 08, 2009 at 07:10:40

Hello again Michelle, I never seen your ZoomInfo. I never searched your name either. I am intrigued by what you write today and tomorrow not yesteryear.

I was on the path to becoming a computer geek in the early 80's but something about them turned me off. I shied away from what I called "The Beast" for 20 years until my dad handed down to me his old win95.

Because of my background, within a short amount of time I was back where I left off. It didn't take long for me to learn that it truly is the beast. But like any wild animal, it can be made tame.

For some IT is a play thing and for others IT is a tool. What bothers me more than things I wrote in the past "popping up" is when important things I write today, are with clever devices, prevented from the main- stream view. For example, I attempted to notify parents about disturbing policy forthcoming by the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board regarding our children's education K-12. I did this through the Hamilton Spectator's blogs. I remained on topic, non-derogatory and to the point, yet my carefully arranged compositions were moderated into oblivion.

I did not lose my composer however. I notified fellow bloggers, friends, family and even my ward councilor. You and your readers must decide if I am off base with this one. My efforts to expose the censorship may have possibly led to a ten day extension for public input regarding Gender Equity Policy in the public school system. We have until May, 11 to respond with our views, to protect our family values.

To learn about PEACE (Public Education Advocates for Christian Equality):

To see the niggling bits:

To Have Your Say: OR

Thanks for Sharing Michelle. And Diannewood, I second that emotion

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