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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted February 07, 2010 at 21:59:56

I agree that everyone needs an editor and that is why I share everything with the missus before I hit submit. However, I challenge Michelle's conclusion:

No doubt there needs to be some degree of combox oversight. But it can't possibly be a recipe for good dialogue when the questions for daily discussion end up assigned like composition topics in a grade school classroom where everyone has brought in current events clippings.

That's fine for grade six students, but not for grown-ups.

Michelle pretty much nailed IT down but isn't this how IT is supposed to be?

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From Terry Cooke's speech at Citizen of the Year, Page 4, Part III - The Local Evidence, Dr. Kitchen - Education, which is available here; In one of this city's poorest neighborhoods, 50% of students will not graduate. These are potential readers of local online media and as such, articles and surveys must be written so as not to exceed their educational level or media expectations.

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In Canada, 42% of adults need some help with reading and writing, 50% need help with numeracy, and 68% need help with problem-solving (ALL Survey, 2005).

Doesn't the Mainstream Media have an obligation to write in such a way that the average reader can comprehend? Even if the average Hamiltonian MSM consumer is reading and writing at a sixth grade level, without any help these people will still be reading and writing like sixth grader's when they're all "Grown Up."

I agree there will never be any meaningful dialogue when our local MSM doesn't ask the deeper questions, but then again, how can we expect profound philosophical discourse from grade schoolers?

I rest my case. Sleepy Cat JPG Image

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