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think|haus reopening

  • Date: Saturday, February 12, 2011
  • Time: 1-5PM
  • Location: think|haus
  • Address: 25 Dundurn St N (2nd floor, entrance around the back) (Google Maps)
  • Email: events@thinkhaus.org

think|haus is Hamilton's "hackerspace" - a shared non-profit facility to build, tinker with, and discuss projects and ideas with like-minded people (nerds).

With over 900 sq ft of space, a variety of shared tools, and 24/7 access, we give our members space to exercise their creativity and imagination

Come check out our new space! We will be showing off our projects and giving short talks and demos. See our laser cutter in action! You can even build an electronic kit to take home.

Everyone is welcome to this free event. Bring your friends! Bring your kids! Bring your nerdy roommate who never leaves the house.

Can’t make it? We’ll miss you, but you can come out on any Tuesday at 7pm for our regularly scheduled open|haus.


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