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By fmurray (registered) | Posted April 13, 2014 at 10:59:22 in reply to Comment 100220

@scrap, I know what you mean but I've learned over my lifetime that people on the far right of the political spectrum can't "undrink" the KoolAid. And they don't want to.

I'm beginning to think that the right-wing thought process (low business taxes and etc are GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY) is hard-wired, or at least learned at such an impressionable age that it may as well be hard-wired. And the same goes for liberal thinking. These labels I'm using are on a spectrum. Most people are not at one end of the Left-Right dichotomy, but fall a certain number of degrees left or right of centre and have different viewpoints on a variety of issues.

I don't think liberal or left-thinkers are more intelligent than right-thinkers, but I do think left-thinkers can see more greys -- everything isn't BLACK or WHITE, there are multiple layers to be considered for every issue.

Mr. Ferguson probably doesn't believe he has suppressed anyone. If you were to point out suppression of a group (i.e. transit riders), he would see the same group as choosing their own situation, and it's not his responsibility or that of his constituents to change the situation for that group.

We need city-wide, progressive thinkers at the council table, or at least a majority of them. And from watching the last council meeting, I think we need to rearrange the seating as well. The alliances are entrenched, and it's unhealthy.

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