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By j.servus (registered) | Posted July 07, 2014 at 21:35:42 in reply to Comment 103058

Your point is well taken, calder12. This particular case is not directly about the road design. It is directly about an irresponsible driver. Only remotely does the road design enter in as a factor. Still, it does enter in. It is a statistical fact that the traffic on our streets is not as safe as the traffic on streets in most other cities in the province, and a lot of comparable cities around the world. That is probably not a result of something in the drinking water. It is probably a result of road design.

I live just off Main Street, so I, too, see it at all different times. "Normal traffic" on Main Street in Hamilton is not "normal traffic" on (almost) any other urban street I've ever seen. Hamilton has unique traffic patterns. They are generally convenient for drivers, and a lot of people like that. What seems to get people on RTH is that Hamilton's urban thoroughfares--and a lot of minor streets, too--are unpleasant to walk, nearly impossible to cycle, unusually dangerous, and not conspicuously prosperous. There is some evidence to suggest that these negative features are interconnected.

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