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By jason (registered) | Posted November 12, 2014 at 22:29:27 in reply to Comment 106177

great stuff.

Considering all the access points, driveways and cross streets on Cannon, I see it more like this:

Bike lanes at sidewalk level on both sides of Cannon - basically this is achieved simply by extending the sidewalk 5 feet on both sides. Parking at street level on one-side, and 1 car lane each direction. Viola.

This should be the way of the future when rebuilding roads, such as the butcher job we just did on West 5th by Mohawk College. They expropriated land, widened the road and simply created massive, luxury lanes for cars to encourage speeding. No bike lanes. They could have poured sidewalks 5 feet wider on both sides and added 'raised bike lanes' when rebuilding the street.

Let's tell staff to pretend that bikes are cars. Then we'd get somewhere.

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