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By John Neary (registered) | Posted December 03, 2014 at 11:48:20

The fourth one doesn't make sense to me:

Cannon at Emerald, October 3, 3:18 PM - bike travelling westbound not in bike lane, motor vehicle travelling westbound, bike fails to yield to motor vehicle. Cyclist charged.

Why was the bike travelling westbound not in the cycle track? Had the cyclist just made a right turn onto Cannon and been unable to cross three lanes to get to the cycle track? Was he/she only travelling one block on Cannon before turning north, (say, from Oak to Emerald) such that it didn't make sense to cross Cannon twice in order to travel one block? Or was the cyclist just riding in mixed traffic for no good reason?

Are cyclists forbidden from riding in the regular lanes now that we have a cycle track? (I wouldn't ride in mixed traffic anymore myself, but I'm just wondering).

What does 'failure to yield' mean in this case? Did the cyclist fail to yield simply by virtue of being outside the cycle track? Who hit whom?

I don't really understand this one at all.

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