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By Behind the Curtain (anonymous) | Posted December 04, 2014 at 13:12:56

I make use of part of Cannon Street for my auto commute every morning, usually turning left onto James or MacNab. Motorists just have to get used to checking the bike lane both ways before making your turn. It's not like Cannon is an especially busy street in the mornings--it's no big deal waiting a few extra seconds to turn. I'll just add, as a sometime cyclist myself, I wish more cyclists would use lights, especially during these darker winter days. They can only help.

I'll admit to a bit of frustration those few times I've had to turn onto Cannon from an uncontrolled intersection during afternoon rush hour, having to not only keep a sharp eye for an opening in westbound car traffic, but then having to quickly check the eastbound bike lane. But really that's just encouraged me to seek out the controlled intersections instead.

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