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By sigh (anonymous) | Posted February 20, 2015 at 13:11:42 in reply to Comment 109351

We have a word for the stakeholders of a municipality represented by elected officials, and it's not taxpayer. It's citizen.

Citizens are the people council are representing, citizens are the people who use municipal infrastructure and services, citizens are the people who are being consulted. Roads and transit are for citizens, not taxpayers. Some citizens are taxpayers, but that doesn't give them authority over the rest of the citizens of this city.

Taxes are not a subscription to services, but rather the way that those who are able contribute to the polity they reside in, so all citizens can benefit from a financially stable municipal government.

You live in the city of Hamilton, not the city of Ward 8. You have a moral obligation and a financial responsibility to the citizens of the entire city. In return, you get fire, police, ambulance, schools, libraries, recreation, surface roads, a ring road, transit, an airport, a lake port, social services and on and on. That's the deal. It's a pretty good one.

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