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By ianreynolds (registered) | Posted March 07, 2016 at 16:36:54

Actually according to that picture, the car on the south side of Stonechurch has already turned the bike lane into a parking lane. The only time that Upper Paradise intersection has ever had a parking issue is when Sweet Paradise gets crazy busy. So to solve that they borrowed parking spots from the lot next door. Problem solved, simple as that. The idea that Stonechurch needs street parking down there is an explicit middle finger to people like you, Ryan, and it's hard to see any other possible reason Terry would suggest that.

I lived in Ward 8 for a year, and that meant that it was impossible for me to walk anywhere. Meandering side streets, crazy fast arterial roads with no crosswalks... all they did was make me refuse to leave the house. Thinking it was dumb to drive my car for something small or mundane, I simply would stay home. It could be argued that the inability to walk anywhere actively hurt my spending on those businesses in the area., and it definitely made me unhealthier. We moved away from there the moment we were able to. And now all his residents want to speed through our neighbourhoods! And he wants to make them drive faster!

At this point any argument Terry makes is borderline insulting to anyone's intelligence, and his arrogance is costing us our health and our lives, not to mention as Dan said, costing us millions of taxpayer dollars, the things he claims to value most of all.

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