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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted October 27, 2016 at 11:14:36 in reply to Comment 120340

Or rideshare, or carshare, or spouse pickup.

We are a one-car household. My spouse often SoBi or walks to go shopping, and I pick him up when he checks out. I can visit a different store or do a different errand (like pick up a large parcel at Shopper's Drug Mart) while waiting for him to finish shopping.

In various periods of my life, I've been happily a carowner, and I've been happy car-less. I can appreciate both ways.

I used VrtuCar in Ottawa, and Autoshare in Toronto, instead of having a car. But living in Hamilton, the car is more essential -- and that's simply wrong. There should be better choice. I don't want being without a car to be painful -- I didn't feel that way in Ottawa (With their excellent BRT system and large VrtuCar car-share system) nor in Toronto (With TTC and GO), but here in Hamilton, one is far more leg-ironed to a car to feel mobile.

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