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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted March 31, 2017 at 22:44:25 in reply to Comment 121038

What part of what I wrote makes you think I trust the government? I do realize that this deal is a bit like rolling dice that are somewhat loaded in our favour. Everything comes with risks and sometimes you have to steel yourself and jump in and hope for the best.

Look at it this way. This year city council is raising our taxes, firing people (LOTS of people) and cutting services. They acknowledge that this is a band-aid solution that they will have to repeat next year. Why? Because they have no other tools at their disposal. They will keep cutting services, raising taxes and firing staff until this city is driven into the ground.

Now, along comes this LRT project. It promises to spur development and attract business which would increase our tax base and thus reduce the tax pressure on residents. Should we believe it? At this point, in Hamilton, I think we should take the promise with a grain of salt and hope it pans out. Certainly there is some precedent for this promise being kept. We're being tossed a life line. We still might be swept under by the waves but if we stay the course we're on now we certainly will be.

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