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By osborne (registered) | Posted December 14, 2017 at 22:42:20

I’m in favour of some clarification in the Citizenship Guide.

I checked the guide and it refers to Aboriginal Peoples (not Indigenous). I’m posting what it says at the end of my thoughts. Perhaps some statement of the Residential Schools issue is impacting Canada’s efforts at Reconciliation. The guide goes on to describe other aspects of Canada’s history not Indigenous history in the Americas. I suspect that reconciliation with the Indigenous peoples will not happen in one generation.

I vaguely recall how political this guide became when the Conservatives were in power and revised it strengthening certain aspects. Racism and bigotry are not limited to New Comers. The Liberals will not be in power forever. It is a Liberal statement that Canada’s strength is in our diversity…without proof it is merely propaganda. Sticking to accepted facts (real ones) may be wise. (I’ve voted Liberal, NDP and Green if you are wondering ..not a Conservative)

"Aboriginal Peoples When Europeans explored Canada they found all regions occupied by native peoples they called Indians, because the first explorers thought they had reached the East Indies. The native people lived off the land, some by hunting and gathering, others by raising crops. The Huron-Wendat of the Great Lakes region, like the Iroquois, were farmers and hunters. The Cree and Dene of the Northwest were hunter-gatherers. The Sioux were nomadic, following the bison (buffalo) herd. The Inuit lived off Arctic wildlife. West Coast natives preserved fish by drying and smoking. Warfare was common among Aboriginal groups as they competed for land, resources and prestige. The arrival of European traders, missionaries, soldiers and colonists changed the native way of life forever. Large numbers of Aboriginals died of European diseases to which they lacked immunity. However, Aboriginals and Europeans formed strong economic, religious and military bonds in the first 200 years of coexistence which laid the foundations of Canada."

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