Comment 122523

By RSM (registered) | Posted March 06, 2018 at 18:31:49

"But I am even more ashamed that this city seems to care more about damage to its property than it does injury to its citizens." Although there has been much said about the property damage and fear that the mob might have gotten violence there has been an uptick in the discussion around gentrification and class warfare in general. Although the whole of Queen's Park was able to agree to pass Rowan's Law today there has been little headway to tackle poverty and precarity; even the transparency law is being panned as being insufficient. Interestingly, Locke Street is the neighbourhood of the leader of the ONDP. While it is clearly human of her to offer commiserations with the affected businesses and patrons how will it play with supporters who have been working for more social justice in the city in the face of June's provincial election?

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