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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted March 08, 2018 at 09:19:56 in reply to Comment 122526

Probably worst effect of the rioters actions was that it brought every pretentious pseudo-intellectual out of the closet to 'share their ideas'. Urrrghh even typing 'share their ideas' gives me the shivers.

What pissed me off the most - and Ryan hit the nail on the head - is that these guys were dicks out for kicks.

And I feel like I know them. When I was growing up I was poor. My dad was a refugee who's first language was not English, my mom was/is legally blind. Dad worked on Hillyard St as a general labourer and was laid off frequently (almost every year). He worked odd jobs to make ends meet.

Let's got to the point. In high school I was a metalhead. Most lower/middle class white males were. However, I also loved punk. In my day it was the Sex Pistols / Exploited / Forgotten Rebels (yay Hamilton!) but I could never dress like one. I couldn't afford it. Some kids could tho. Knee high docs ran you about $400. Leather jacket about the same. My clothes were from Bi-way. Anyone here remember Bi-way? It was like Walmart without the style. However, I did have a jean jacket and I made my own Eddie patch - drew it myself - and sewed it on myself because I couldn't afford to buy one.

Anyway, back to the punks. They had the boots and they had the jackets. They had mom and dads car. They had the studs (also $$$) and often cool hipster parents who loved their children expressing themselves.

Those same privileged punks screamed at cops, piled into moms car on the weekend to go to TO to sit on sidewalk and spange and generally had a blast playing the part.

Until proven otherwise - and I don't believe it will be - these well written anarchists are those punks. They DON'T DESERVE to feel the anger they say they feel. They haven't lived it. From their actions it is obvious to me that they don't get it. The violence they perpetrated has little to nothing to do with inequality or whatever else. They've used poverty as an excuse to throw a fit and that, ya, pisses me off.

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